This is an extremely rare video which you actually don’t get to watch everyday, because in this video you get to watch a Volvo FH16 truck pulling 750 Tonnes of load and is guided or driven by Worlds strongest man title winner Magnus Samuelsson. The whole stunt is also witnessed by experienced trucking journalist Brian Weatherley.

The whole stunt takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden and watch as this Volvo truck along with the guidance of the World’s strongest man pulls a 300-meter long road train? The Volvo FH16 truck comes with i-shift with crawler gears which helps the person driving the trick to pull loads of upto 325 tonnes. This is definitely one of the craziest stunts you will ever see. The truck definitely fails to pull the load at the first attempt because of some technical failure but does it manages to pull the load in the second attempt is what we will find in the video.

Watch this one of a kind stunt and at the end you will surely be impressed by the result. Now remember this is a single series production truck trying to pull that entire load alone.