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Video: Ferrari Enzo ZXX Dances To Its Own Rhythm (Loudest Exhausts)

Video: Ferrari Enzo ZXX Dances To Its Own Rhythm (Loudest Exhausts)

Note: You should definitely lower the Volume of your laptop or PC before you put your headphones to your ears because believe it or not this custom made Ferrari Enzo is really loud and I mean it.

In this video you can watch the Ferrari Enzo FXX in action which was developed by Edo Competition and ZR Exotics. This thing is brutal and fast, powered by a V12 unit which produces an estimated 950 Hp of peak power, this custom built Ferrari Enzo also received little body work which includes new front nose and side air vents, it also received some new LED headlights too. However there is a completely different story behind this particular cars development.

Zahir Rana who is the proud owner of this one of a kind custom built Ferrari Enzo FXX which is worth about 1.5+ Million Dollar actually decided to custom build his car when his Enzo crashed into the lake during a racing event. The particular car was not damaged slightly but because it was submerged into the water it surely short-circuited all the electrical bits of the car for sure and that was the reason why Zahir decided to restore the car fully. In the process of restoration his Enzo became even more powerful and fast. Until now this particular car has clocked 392 km/h mark in its speedometer while it was tested in Germany.

Enjoy the video and watch how the Ferrari Enzo FXX accelerates and perform some donuts and burnouts inside the track and drives off with other cars. You will also surely enjoy the loud exhaust note of car.

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