Volvo trucks are known for their capabilities to overcome the extreme situations. The Volvo FMX trucks are large tall trucks capable to perform off-roading duties. The video we got in our hand proves that vehemently. The truck in this video is a Volvo FMX and a 4 year old little girl is driving the truck. Well, she is not at the driver seat, but she is driving the large truck with help of a remote control. The truck is equipped with remote control devices for real time driving maneuvers.

As we saw, first the truck was hit by a large wooden crate, which couldn’t even make a dent on the truck. Then it performed various other off roading tasks. The girl even rolled the truck completely, which I think was not intentional, but the amazing fact is the truck was in very good shape after roll over and it started racing again hitting blockades, brick walls and other obstacles. This live test proves nothing but the toughness and great off-roading capabilities of the Volvo truck.

Video source: YouCar