Mahindra group took an innovative venture to sell their cars, bikes and other automotive products. The e commerce is a booming sector in Indian market, and every other automobile manufacturer is trying to reach the customers through their dedicated website.

Recently Toyota launched their website, which will sell automobile parts of Toyota cars online (Read it here). Mahindra seems to take one step further with their new website, which will sell not only automobiles, but various other Mahindra products, and that too online. Customers can browse through more than 400 Mahindra products, which include Mahindra Cars, Mahindra two wheelers, Mahindra trucks, gensets, real estate etc. Not only that, they can order over 40 products from this website. Whenever the customers click and buy Mahindra products from this website, Mahindra dealers, distributors and logistics teams will come to help the delivery to the customer. Not only purchasing products, this website will cater the customers to avail Mahindra service too.

With the launch, this website is showcasing the new Mahindra compact SUV TUV300, and taking bookings for the car also. Besides that, this website is taking bookings for Mahindra two wheelers like Mahindra Centuro and Mahindra Gusto. This website has a facility by which customers can directly chat with Mahindra executives, who will answer queries of the customers.