Tug of War: Brezza Petrol vs Brezza Diesel Battle It Out

Can the K15 Petrol with more horsepower take down the mighty DDIS? Read on to find out

Have you ever seen a Maruti Suzuki Brezza powered by diesel go up against a petrol-powered Brezza in a Tug of War? Who do you think will claim victory in this unique battle? The answer to this question is right here in this article

It has to be said that although various comparisons of the Brezza has been conducted in the past, nobody has ever thought of a tug of war between the two different models up until now

A YouTube channel that goes by the name ‘sarthak pandat’ has finally presented a “Tug Of War” between a diesel and a petrol-powered Brezza for the first time so, without further ado, let us get right to the details!

Round 1 begins with the YouTuber explaining that the Brezza with grey paint scheme is the petrol-powered vehicle while the white coloured Brezza is the one with a diesel engine, Furthermore, a chain is used to hook up the two vehicles to conduct the test

On the mark of three, the two vehicles begin to pull each other. The diesel-powered Brezza instantly took out its petrol-powered counterpart effortlessly thanks to the DDiS 200 Diesel Engine which churned out 88,5bhp and 200Nm of torque

Round two was conducted to recheck whether the results are correct, on the mark of three, the drivers put their feet down on the throttle but yet again the diesel-powered Brezza turns out to be the winner

Round three has a twist to it, The two drivers swap their cars to see if the results were due to driver error

Once again on the mark of three, the two vehicles put their maximum potential, The end results remain unchanged, The DDIS Brezza attains victory over the petrol model

The diesel model has wider tires when compared to the petrol model that came stock, This could have given an advantage over the petrol model’s powerful engine, Nonetheless, the video surely was entertaining. Swipe Up to Read More.