Overlanding In Sub-Zero Ladakh With A Modified Mahindra Thar

The mercury drops to -20c in these dry and desolate regions of Northern India where fuel can freeze. Find out how the BS6 Thar fares

The Mahindra Thar overlanding at one of the high altitude lakes in the Himalayan region

Spending a night on the bank of Tso Moriri, which is located at about 15,000 feet above MSL is a challenging task

The lake effects the temperatures in the surrounding areas and it drops to about negative 20 degrees at night

Several changes have been done to the Thar with additional of several features

After finding a suitable spot for camping, all the grilles and wheels were covered to ensure that these parts remain warm for a long time

This was originally a soft-top convertible roof which has been upgraded to a hardtop FRP roof

There are drawers and shelves in the rear to store items and cook food items as well

There is even a battery-operated heater that can be used to heat the rooftop tent and the engine

There is a heavy-duty battery pack that uses solar panels to recharge

In the morning, the low temperature caused frost all over the vehicle

To heat the engine, heater was used with two pipes delivering hot air in the bay

After about 30 minutes of using the heater and two failed attempts, the Thar finally started

To reach such locations, better tyres and rims are a must

Reaching locations like Tso Moriri remains a big challenge even during the summers

BS6 diesel cars can survive in lower temperature compared to the BS4 vehicles but even BS6 require a lot of effort to start in such conditions. Swipe Up To Read More!


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