We always take a sheer interest in knowing about the inside stories of celebrities, be they Indian or International. When it comes to those inside stories, how can we not check out the passions of those stars, who have a deep soft spot for the cars, to be precise luxury cars?

Well, there are speculations, rumors, gossips about their celebrity lives, as well as about their precious star studded garages too. Talk about Ranbir Kapoor, the blue eyed boy of Indian Film Industry, he has an avid interest for cars and bikes too. We often see him endorsing brands like Hero MotoCorp or Nissan (Ranbir endorsed Nissan Micra), but take a peek at his garage, if you are a car lover, you are definitely going to say, “Whoa!”

Well, in this article we are taking you inside Ranbir’s garage at his residence at Palli Hill, West Bandra; where you will find a few super gorgeous cars, both four wheelers and two wheelers too. In his prized possession there are an Audi A8, Audi R8 V10, Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes G 63 AMG along with a Harley Davidson Fatboy.

Audi A8

2014 Audi A8
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In Mumbai if you are doing round near Ranbir’s house, you may have a chance to see him driving a white Audi A8 sporting a fancy registration number MH02CP8000. Although he has a number of luxury cars in his garage, but this one is his usual frequent drive. While going for a shooting, or some occasion he uses this car, and while going for a long drive in leisure this is his favorite. According to his close ones, he waited almost eight months to get this car custom manufactured as per his own needs.

The Audi A8 comes with some unique features, such as its Matrix LED headlamps, which has 25 individual LEDs integrated in it and it’s able to get automatically switched on and off according to the condition outside. Not only that, these headlamps are smart enough to automatically lower the beams to ease the oncoming vehicles, which eventually helps the A8 and the oncoming vehicle to avoid on road collisions. From the exterior look it clearly shows and gives a sense of elegance as well as a comfortable ride. The interior layout reminds the luxury of a yacht, which is spacious, and packed with features like MMI user interface touch pad control panel on the central console, WLAN hotspot.

This car comes with both petrol and diesel options. The 3.0 liter super charged V6 engine delivers 310 hp peak power, while the 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine mated to a 8 speed ZF transmission is capable of producing 435 hp of max power. For a car in this size and caliber the interesting part is it can pick up speed up to 100 kmph from nothing in a mere 4.5 seconds. There is a bigger 6.3 liter W12 engine churns out 493 hp. Well, those were all petrol ones, and coming to the diesel section, the 3.0 liter TDi engine is capable to produce 258 hp max power, while the bigger 4.2 liter TDi unit churns out 385 hp max power. All these engines are mated to 8 speed automatic gearboxes, and these cars are powered by Quattro all wheel drive system, which sends power to all the four wheels.

This car comes with a price tag of 1.2 crore to 1.8 crore in Indian market.

Audi R8

2011 Audi R8 V10
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It seems Ranbir Kapoor has a fascination for Audi apart from movies and football. Apart from the usual Audi A8, he also owns a red hot R8, which can be easily tagged a “supercar from the house of a superstar”.

Although we haven’t seen Ranbir driving this car frequently like the white Audi A8, but this is also his one of the prized possession, which he takes out in quite a few occasions. Recently we have heard he is trying to sale this car as it’s simply eating up his garage space; although he is not getting any buyer for that precious car. Well we won’t be astonished to see Ranbir adding another luxury car to his fleet of vehicles in near future.

So let’s take a look at the Audi R8 V10 coupe. Like any other supercar this one too comes with a stunning look. The front profile sports the distinctive chrome grilles with Quattro V10 badge. The sloping nose is quite sleek along with large all LED headlamps. At the side profile of this two door coupe there are cooling vents masked by giant cooling ducts, which is also an add on style statement for this car. This car comes pretty much light to make it fuel efficient as well as lightning fast on road. The interior is like any other sports supercar, along with features like SatNav system. The car is quite spacious for two; with the doors give wide open space to enter the car and inside there are plenty of head and leg space available to give you a comfortable ride. It comes with a premium music system which has 12 loud speakers integrated to it along with stereo effects.

The Drivetrain of this car has a 5.2 liter V10 FSI engine mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox which is operable from both the stick shifter at the center console or the shift paddles integrated at the steering wheel, and it produces 520 PS of peak power and 530 Nm of huge torque amount. This car can actually take up 100 kmph speed in 4.1 second, which is practically faster than the Porsche Carrera 911 S. With a top speed range of 313 kmph it is able to reach 200 kmph speed mark in 12.4 seconds. The engine delivers the power with every little drop of petrol and it can rev up to 8700 rpm.

The price tag for this car is in between 1.7 crore to 2.2 crore.

Range Rover Sport (L322)

2010 Range Rover Sport
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If you are a car enthusiast, you surely have a soft spot for the Range Rover. Ranbir too seems to have a passion for SUV and that way his garage sports a dashing Range Rover Sports, which is capable to go through almost every terrain, literally. Although, it’s not his usual drive, Ranbir rarely goes out with driving this white beautiful beast which is bearing a registration number MH.02.BJ8. This car is usually the favorite of many Bollywood stars, from Khans to Kapoors, almost every other movie star of the tinsel town owns this gem.

The range Rover Sport is one of the most popular SUV of all time. It earns respect with its sheer powerful look itself. The front profile of this car comes with a boxy shape, and the large LED headlamps are somewhat less stylish and more powerful sensing. The front comes with three huge grilles. At the Side profile there are all blackened pillars and at the rear the LED tail lamps and revised bumper gives the car all purposeful look.

Inside the car comes with equal masculinity like the exterior and that too with various features wrapped in the front console. The dashboard and instrument cluster with all the digital gauges looks really stylish along with a 7 inch touch screen which works as infotainment panel. The interior of this car is very much spacious and comfortable for riding in sheer rough terrains too.

Coming to the Drivetrain Range Rover Sport comes empowered by a 5 liter super charged V8 engine producing 520 PS peak power at 6000-6500 rpm and 625 Nm torque at 2500-5000 rpm. It can reach 100 kmph speed mark in 5.9 seconds. There is a diesel unit too, which comes in the form of a 3 liter V6 unit producing 245 PS at 4000 rpm and 600 Nm torque at 2000 rpm, although as per performance it lags behind the petrol unit but it can reach the 100 kmph speed mark in 9.1 seconds, which fair enough. Both the engines are mated to a 6 speed automatic gearbox and the petrol variant got paddle shifter integrated to the steering wheel.

The pricing of this stunning vehicle is in between 1.10 crore to 1.66 crore.

Mercedes G63

2013 Mercedes G-Class
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Not only Audi or Range Rover, Ranbir, the youth icon seems to try the classy cars along with rugged style, and that is why he bought a Mercedes G63 SUV apart from those sporty luxury vehicles. Likewise his other cars he requested the manufactures to customize this vehicle too, as per his wish. He bought this car along with his cousin Kareena and her husband another movie star Saif Ali Khan.

This rugged looking Mercedes SUV belongs to the G class of the German auto manufacturer. The front profile looks very much masculine with its boxy look, which is provided by the sharp yet thick grilles with the logo mounted at the center, two sharply illuminating LED headlamps, sleek yet hard looking front bumper with fog lamps sitting in that, and the bright LED daytime running lamps. The V shaped nose with the bonnet is a bit muscular too with the cuts and creases. At the side profile the visible element is the huge wheel arches, which gives out a slight feeling of similarity with the Jeep. The interior of this car comes feature packed with various unique features available at the instrument cluster and dashboard. This car can easily perform the duty of a cross country SUV.

This car has been serving the world for last 35 years with honor. We hope you have heard about the story of Mr. Gunther Holtorf and his G-class legacy.

Read it Here: Story of Gunther Holtorf

The G 63 AMG is powered by a petrol engine displacing 5461 cc V8 twin turbo unit mated to a 7 speed automatic (AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC) transmission which churns out 544 PS at 5500 rpm and 760 Nm at 2000-5000 rpm.

This car also has a whooping price tag of 1.85 crore.

Last but not the least, apart from luxurious cars Ranbir also has interest in Bikes. Probably that’s why his neighbor Sanjay Dutt presented him a dashing Harley Davidson Fatboy as a birthday gift.

Lucky boy, we can say!

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