Imagine you are going on a motorcycle tour from one country to another and you get abducted by the world’s biggest terror organisation, al-Qaeda, in an unknown country and are held captive for six years.

That is exactly what happened to a Swedish national, Johan Gustafsson and a few others while he was on a motorcycle trip from Sweden to South Africa in 2011. Now, after his release, he is being donated a brand new adventure motorcycle by his loved ones.

Terrorism has been crippling humanity everywhere in the world, and al-Qaeda comes at the top of all those lists responsible for any uncertainty. No shocker there.

One of their ways to extradite money was to abduct foreign nationals and use them as insurance for either monetary gains or other terror linked issues. Acting on the same scheme, Johan and several others were kidnapped from a hotel in Timbuktu, north of Mali in Africa.

Johan was kept in captivity by the Islamist militants for six long years before he was released in June 2017 with the help of Swedish and Malian government. This was the longest-held Swedish kidnapping victim.

Imagine the amount of stress and sorrow he and his entire family had to go throughout these six years of captivity and confinement. Luckily for them, friends and family have always been supportive and a few NGOs also took this matter to serious levels.

Amongst them were his friends from the KTM Club Scandinavia who had decided to donate a touring motorcycle to the returned biker to cheer him up and help him gain back all his mental stability. They began collecting money from members of the club who donated with free will.

Soon, a few NGOs and other organisations also helped the club raise money for the motorcycle. One of them was KTM themselves who promised a brand new KTM 1090 Adventure R touring motorcycle for Johan Gustafsson.


According to the club’s social media page, Johan has been made aware of such warm gestures pouring in and he is pleased to receive the support and love of all motorcyclists from around the globe.

There is still a lot of good left in the world. Hope it spreads more than terror.