In a world where outright horsepower and straight-line speed hold centre stage, this Japanese brand’s Superbikes have always been the epitome of a reputation for being the most practical superbikes in all of its class respectively. There is no doubt regarding the fact that Suzuki has one of the most expansive and versatile lineups of superbikes in the Indian market and has an advantage of being one of the first movers in the upper end of the Indian motorcycling scenario. They stormed into the field without any competition and had become a serious conscience for sportbikes in the country.

Of all that we have, the 2001 entry kid GSX-R1000 is regarded as one of the most usable supersport bikes on sale in the Indian two-wheeler market, which is tamable effectively by both the amateur as well as seasonal bikers.Suzuki has regularly managed to update the GSX-R1000 every year with a series of minimal cosmetic and mechanical upgrades. This 998 cc supersport machine has recently received a major upgrade for the current calendar year, the highlights of which makes this 6th generation sportbike the most powerful, hardest-accelerating, cleanest-running GSX-R ever built.


Launched to the world almost three decades ago, the GSX-R 1000 has humbled more than a million customers and has single-handedly transformed the open sportbike class constantly. People soon called it The King of Sportbikes. Then competition happened.

For this generation, however, the folks at Suzuki are determined to restore the GSX-R1000 to its throne and become the top performing motorcycle to the world to see. Built by engineers with years of experience and dominations in production-based Superbike, Superstock and Endurance races worldwide, and most importantly the WSBK MotoGP technology, the 2017 GSX-R 1000 is touted to become the most compact, the most aerodynamic and the best-handling GSX-R 1000 ever.


Made possible by the company’s newfound philosophy of “Run. Turn. Stop.“, this motorcycle is distinctively designed and engineered to run better, turn better and stop better than any other peers in its class. To start it all, the 999.8cc motor got a complete revamp to make sure the engine would rev higher and make more peak horsepower while maintaining excellent low-to-mid-range power and drive.

With Suzuki’s MotoGP inspired Broad Power System, the engine attains high performance in all power bands and the 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC motor belts out a 200 bhp @ 13200 rpm and the peak torque it produced is 120 Nm. The source of nightmares for its rivals. With Ride-by-Wire, Variable Valve Timing, Exhaust Tuning-Alpha and Top Feed Injector systems, this motorcycle rockets throughout the rpm range and transmits through the 6-speed gearbox equipped with Suzuki Clutch Assist System.

Apart from the mighty engine to lurch this monster ahead quickly, this motorcycle has a huge gambit in terms of the electronics package it carries. Starting with the 6 axis IMU that controls the 32-bit dual processor ECM (Engine Control Module), Suzuki also equips the bike with Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS), Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System), Low RPM Assist, Suzuki Easy Start System, Launch Control and Bi-Directional Quick Shift System.

Boasting of having a powerful combination of acceleration, cornering, and braking doesn’t come cheap. This GSX-R 1000 gets the top of the line equipment and an all-new chassis with a lighter aluminium perimeter frame. It gets the latest Showa BFF (Balance free Front) forks on the front and the BFRC lite (Balance Free Rear Cushion lite) shock at the rear, all developed on the track. Braking units have the Twin 320 mm Brembo discs and monoblock front brake callipers each have four 32 mm pistons and work with a radial-pump. At the rear, you get a single-piston caliper and a 220 mm disc.


Apart from all this, the bike gets new bodywork done, which might not make it the best dressed amongst the lot but it is all business here. The wind tunnel designed motorcycle gets an all LED treatement, new tank profile, aerodynamically designed fairings and a brand new LCD instrumentation for the rider to access various controls for the ride. The GSX-R1000 is available for ₹ 19 lakh in Metallic Triton Blue and Metallic Mat Black colour whereas the GSX-R1000R will come for ₹ 22 lakh in Metallic Triton Blue and Glass Sparkle Black colour option.

It is by far the most advanced, most exciting Suzuki GSX-R in history. And we couldn’t have been any more excited. Making this beast touch the 200 bhp mark, it becomes the most powerful Suzuki on sale in India. It nicks the mighty Hayabusa even, by 3 bhp and is also the fastest production model of the Japanese company on sale anywhere in the world. It just became the flagship motorcycle of the brand and is on the rightful track to once again become the King Of Sportbikes, and how.