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A Motorcycles With Capabilities Of Land Rover

Royal Enfield has upped their games recently and quite honestly they actually are dominating the entry level cruiser market of the country with their range of products. Now that they can sit back and relax because they do not actually have any other commitments right now RE decided to build some of their own custom motorcycles. This not only shows their dedication towards two wheelers but also an urge to prove themselves every single time.

Recently at the Wheels & Waves custom bike show held in Biarritz, France Royal Enfield showcased their very first official custom made motorcycle. This was definitely a huge day not only for Royal Enfield but also for the RE fans as well. The two motorcycles which were showcased at the show was based on their very own existing models including the Classic500 and the Continental GT which actually make things more interesting as well as exciting at the same time. The two motorcycles were also given separate individual names.

We already have provided you all the information about the Mo Powa which is actually designed to be a dragster and is based on the Classic 500 model while as you already would have read that towards the rear it uses an extended swingarm from Continental GT to extend the wheelbase. The motorcycle also employs a turbocharger as well which definitely has been added to generate more power. The other motorcycle which we will be talking here has been christened as the Dirty Duck and it is actually based on the Continental GT and looks out of this world. If you have offroading genes in you then definitely bound to love this Dirty Duck.

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Well! This thing definitely looks out of this world and also looks like that it has been made for the toughest situation and gives out a sense that it can survive any situation. According to Royal Enfield the angular forms and the rigid form of the Continental GT frame provided the perfect idea for carrying on the idea of strength and toughness. The motorcycle looks like that it has been inspired from a Land Rover Defender or a Jeep. The motorcycles further gets a handmade fabricated Snorkel which actually utilizes the idea of go anywhere capability both on Land as well as on water and thus also naming the motorcycle ‘Dirty Duck’.

Offcourse the tock headlamps have been replaced with smaller lamps there is even a Go-Pro cam fitted towards the front. The stock instrument cluster has also been replaced with a smaller all digital unit. There are also few other important changes which includes a naturally rusted fuel tank so that the person riding the motorcycles does not have to bother much if they actually dropped the motorcycle. This will actually give them more encouragement to push this motorcycle to its limit.

The motorcycles has also been fitted with Continental TKC80 tires that has been wrapped around the stick rims, this rubbers gets biggest and blockiest tread patterns which also adds to its anywhere going capability. They actually also have added an aluminum sump guard to protect the engine as well as the frame from any kind of a damage incase of a fall as well as to increases the overall durability. Furthermore the frame at the rear has also been shortened to accommodate a luggage rack to carry some stuff that you need to survive any situation.

The seat also has been custom built and wrapped in oiled leather which will look even more gorgeous as it gets older.

There is no doubt that the Dirty Dick surely looks like a proper offroader and will help reach your destination whether there is road or no road.


Coming to the powertrain RE has decided to not give any details of the powertrain to the public but what it seems like the Dirty Duck uses the same single cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled engine with displacement of 535 cc. This engine churns out about 29.1 bhp of peak power at 5100 rpm and 44 Nm of of peak torque at 4000 rpm, the engine is paired to a 5 speed constant mesh gearbox.

Harris performance which is also owned by Royal Enfield in UK has actually designed the snorkel which definitely is the main highlight of this custom motorcycle. The air box also has been modified at the same time which allows the passage of the straight through air box. This actually means that the motorcycle now sounds louder and gives you an exhaust note which sounds like a more higher capacity motorcycle.


RE has not disclosed anything about the ride and handling part of this motorcycles but from what it looks like the RE Dirty Duck uses the the stock suspension setup at both its front and rear. Towards the front it gets a telescopic 41 mm forks which gets 41 mm travel while the rear has been fitted with Paioli,Twin gas charged shock absorbers with adjustable preload and gets 80mm travel.

The custom motorcycle relies on the same stock Brembo 300 mm floating disc brake towards the front and which also gets 2 piston floating caliper and 240 mm disc brake whi9ch gets single piston caliper to stop the motorcycle. This is actually the stock setup brakes that you originally find in the Continental GT café racer.


There is no chance of Royal Enfield actually bringing this motorcycle into production and will remain as a showcase motorcycle and hence we can’t tell you how much this costs.


Once again we have to remind you that the Royal Enfield Dirty Duck is a custom made motorcycle and thus it won’t ever make it to production and thus comparing it with a stock motorcycle will definitely make no sense.


Royal Enfield is definitely one of the most trustworthy motorcycle brands which have been in the market for a long time now and because they have improved their products people have actually started trusting the brand. These custom built motorcycles are perhaps a way of showing their dedication towards the business of building motorcycles. Offcourse the Dirty Duck is actually a big step for RE which actually proves that what they are actually capable of building if they think out of the box.

We are not sure whether we will be able to see this motorcycle or such designs from RE embrace the road or not in the near future but both this motorcycles the Dirty Duck and the MO ‘Powa’ will certainly find their places in the history book of Royal Enfield.

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