• 2016 Royal Enfield MO ’Powa’


The first offcial Custom built motorcycle from Royal Enfield

The two wheeler brand Royal Enfield definitely needs no introduction, they have been building bikes before the world war era and are still are very much active in the business of building retro styled cruisers in this modern era. Recently Royal Enfield has scored tremendously in the sales department because almost all of their cruisers are a hit amongst the Indian crowd.

Recently they came into news for something little different than usual. RE showcased two custom build bikes which also happen to be their first official custom built bikes at the Wheels & Waves event in Biarritz, France. There is no doubt in the fact that these cruisers are the ideal motorcycles for modifying and customization. Unfortunately both the motorcycles which were showcased at the show were custom built in UK and was showcased at the show in France from 8th to 12th June. Both the custom built motorcycles were also named and they vary a lot from each other not only in the department of looks but usability and purpose as well.

The first amongst the two custom built motorcycles were called Dirty duck which was actually built for off road purposes while the second bike draws its styling inspiration from a dragster and has been called Mo ‘Powa’. Both these motorcycles employs RE Classic 500 cc motors while the later also deploys a turbocharger as well.

Below provided is an entire description of the Royal Enfield Mo ‘Powa’ which definitely looks like a proper dragster


The Mo ‘Powa’ uses the same Classic 500 body but there are actually lot of changes made to this motorcycle. Royal Enfield personally calls it a Dragster-meets-Mad Max motorcycle which has been built to survive any situation. As you can clearly see in these i8mages that the custom built motorcycles actually is built on the same Classic 500 body and the reason RE has not changed anything on the motorcycle because they wanted to create this beauty without actually losing its traditional form.

So although towards the front you will find the Classic 500 headlamps as well as the same instrument cluster, even the fuel tank too remains to be same but towards the rear the custom builders has decided to use a stretched Continental GT Swing arm and lowered forks with stiffer springs. The standard Classic 500 handlebars has also been replaced with a more flattened handlebar to give a more purposeful as well as committed drag race stance. The overall stance of the motorcycle has also been lowered to give it a proper dragster feel.

As a result of all that change the Mo ‘Powa’ looks more stretched out while the extended wheelbase and elongated swing arm along with minimalistic design approach gives the motorcycle a meaner as well as purposeful look.

The conventional tyres are replaced with Continental TKC70 knobbies which addsd more offroad capabilities while the front wheel has been retained the rear wheels has been replaced with newer excel rims which are larger than the stock rims and can fit bigger and fatter tyres. Apart from the tyres the seat pan too has been completely rebuilt and has been reshaped and covered in deer skin with racing foam accents. Apart from all that the stunning new custom built motorcycle also gets a custom built exhaust as well which has been deisgned and fabricated by Harris performance which is actually a Royal Enfield own company.

Surely Harris performance faced a lot of difficulty while building that custom built exhaust because they were too tight to bend as a whole and thus entire exhaust pipe has been constructed out of many smaller sections of tubing. RE compares the finished product to any professional MotoGP motorcycles exhaust.


Royale Enfield not only has changed the styling they also have made some serious changes in the powertrain as well to add more power to the motorcycle. Although the powertrain is the same unit from the Classic 500, which means that it gets a single cylinder, four stroke, twinspark, air cooled 499 cc unit which generally produces about 27.2 Bhp of peak power at 5, 250 rpm and a meaty 41.3 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox.

Like we already mentioned above RE has actually made some serious changes to the powertrain by actually using a turbocharger. What they have done is they switched the EFI oit of the carburetor and then removed the air box, fuel gauge and gave way to the boost gauge. They even replaced the traditional key with military switches and even added an air fuel meter to add little hooliganism to the motorcycle. Although the official power figures of this motorcycles were not disclosed by you can actually imagine that the power as well as the torque amount has surely gone up for sure because of the addition of that turbocharger.


Offcourse there are no technical specifications available for this motorcycle and thus we actually cannot tell you much about what suspension setup it uses but from the images we can presumably say that the RE Mo ‘Powa’ gets the same telescopic suspension setup towards its front while the rear suspension setup has entirely been modified.

AS far as the brakes are concerned the Custom built motorcycles has been fitted with the same 280 mm 2 piston caliper disc brakes which definitely provides enough bite to stop the motorcycle while the rear gets what looks like a smaller 240 mm petal type disc brakes which has been deisgned especially for this custom built motorcycles. The stick Classic 500 gets 152 mm drum brakes for its rear.


We don’t think that this extreme custom built dragster will go into production and thus it will stay with Royal Enfield only as a showpiece.


Quite honestly we don’t think that this motorcycle actually has any competition because this is entirely a custom built motorcycle and will never go into production.


Royal Enfeiled surely is making lot of profits in the Indian market and thus they are now also getting plenty of money to venture into different directions. Offcourse! The new custom built motorcycles from Royal Enfield shows their passion and dedication they have towards motorcycles and if everything goes according to plan perhaps we will be able to witness a separate custom shop from Royal Enfield which will only specializes on RE products for the customers.

As far as this custom built dragster is concerned this thing definitely looks wicked and we are pretty sure that this thing has attracted lots of attention at the show for sure.

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