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Obsession of carbon fibre is at a whole new level.

A few days back we had featured the sinister looking BMW HP4 RACE. It is an advanced prototype of the power star, the S 1000RR-HP4 with full carbon fibre twin-spar main frame and rims that are made in the same factory that makes components for BMW’s iconic ‘i-series’ and 7 series of cars. It is a purposeful hand built by the blokes at BMW.

To build this exotic machine dripping with carbon fibre lust will feel like, considering their vast amount or resources and experience, an easy-peasy task for BMW, with regards to what is coming next.

Carbon fibre has been considered the most exotic material ever since McLaren first made use of it to build a monocoque chassis for its Formula One car, 35 years ago. And so did Rolf van der Heide, a Dutch engineer who had worked for Spyker and Carver (makers of three-wheeled road machines) in the past, saw endless possibilities of carbon fibre composites and went on to create the motorcycle of his dreams with it.

With his brother Sjors handling the business end and industrial designer Michiel, the ‘Gentleman’s Racer’ was born. With a 100% carbon fibre monocoque chassis, a 100% carbon fibre swing arm, a 100% carbon fibre front end and a patent pending revolutionary designed suspension system, we see this as a genesis of a new breed of mankind who is not scared witless to venture into the realm reserved only for the upper-crust.

"We see this as a genesis of a new breed of mankind who is not scared witless to venture into the realm reserved only for the upper-crust."


When Rolf contacted Brink, he had already been appraised for designing Spyker D8 Peking SUV concept car and the Vandenbrink 599 GTO, a custom spinoff of the legendary Ferrari that won him the GOOD DESIGN AWARD by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum.

With such stalwarts sharing their oeuvre hand and imagination for half a decade, nothing less than a ‘magnum-opus’ was in order. The ‘Gentleman’s Racer’ was born.

They started with only three objectives in mind - to use the Aprilia RSV4 1000cc engine, have a carbon fibre monocoque frame and a yet to be engineered suspension setup.

The designers wanted to highlight the suspension unit and make it as a visual exhibition of sorts. With the engine set already decided, they got onto working on an ingenious suspension unit known as the Hossack suspension system for the front. Invented by a Frenchman, Claude Fior, and then copied by Norman Hossack, a former McLaren engineer, it consists of 2 forward facing wishbones, two up-rights and steering linkage that is similar to the double wishbone system used in cars. Apparently, telescopic suspension units and carbon frame doesn’t go hand in hand and have failed in the past.

They positioned the spring/damper element in line with the rear spring, which is a ballsy act because such a setup was never attempted before in a motorcycle. What this did was, it cancelled out opposing forces between the front and the rear shock, thereby allowing the makers to save weight in terms of monocoque design.

Such a setup then decided the design of the frame and bodywork where an open tunnel design across the tank made the springs visible, and this very act gave the motorcycle its character. A full sized foam-clay model was instated and a 3D model was rendered after which handmade carbon fibre components that use dry fibres were made in-house. Similar kinds that are on the Pagani Huarya.

At the front, you get a bulbous fairing that houses a single round projector. The fairing then engulfs the tank in one seamless curve that looks very pleasing to the eye and your brain. With the clean lines working together to scribe a linear narrative, you just feel at bliss only by looking at it. An ageless olde worlde.

The motorcycle features 100% hand built full grain leather seats and matching handlebar grips. The handlebars also get Kellermann BL2000 Blinkers integrated into them. Hidden behind the fairing is a MoTeC C125 full-colour TFT LCD anti-reflective display giving you a vast amount of worldly information.

The tank is not normal in any way. It has been designed into the carbon fibre chassis itself and can hold up to 24 litres of power source. The rear has something called the ’het kontje’, that is a triangular battery cover that finishes off the tapering design angle all the way to the tail light. A nice rear with hot yoga pants.

"With the clean lines working together to scribe a linear narrative, you just feel at bliss only by looking at it. An ageless olde worlde."


Looking out for a performer having 200 horses, they zeroed it down to the Aprilia’s RSV4 mechanical power house. The RSV4 comes underpinned with a four stroke, liquid cooled, 65 degree, V-4, 999.6cc engine, which develops 201 bhp of maximum power and 117 Nm of maximum torque. If this much power still does not quench your thirst, they will pump up your racing configuration that gives you a massive 230+ bhp monster and drops the weight from 175kg to 165kg to take your track records to new dimensions in a retro styled way.

This four-cylinder mill comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox, which gets the assistance of Aprilia Quick Shift Electronic System (AQS) and a slipper clutch mechanism, thus making the gearshifts much more precise and faultless. The ultra-thin HP Corse Pro Series Hydroformed exhaust unit is the only shiny metal you can find on the Gentleman’s Racer.

The carbon fibre chassis gave the designer a freedom to work his magic as he did not have to work in the lines of tubular steel or aluminium box frame. He had to only deal with engine attachments and suspension to work around. Don’t make this fool you into thinking that it made his job any easy.

At the rear, the Vander Heide gets an in-house developed rear-facing radiator that is efficient in cooling and for aerodynamics. The swingarm and both 17” five spoke BlackStone Tek (BST) Black Star wheels are also bespoke carbon-fibre components. Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SC tyres are made to run on these with the front getting 120s’ and the rear with 190’s and an optional 200.

To suit taller riders, they took the KTM RC8’s seating position as a benchmark and positioned the footpegs and the handlebars accordingly. Since the telescopic units give a miss at the front, one will not feel a natural ‘dive’ in the front when braked. But the company can fondle with the mechanics and even provide you ‘anti-dive’, meaning the bike will rise when you brake. This is possible because the braking and suspension units are not matched together and this will give in for a whole other riding experience.

We believe this powerhouse also comes equipped with an electronic package like the much famed Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) system, which includes a host of electronic aids, such as Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) with 8 levels, Aprilia Wheelie Control (AWC) and Aprilia Launch Control (ALC) with three different ride settings.

The Vander Heide gets Brembo dual 320mm disc brakes at the front and a single 220mm disc brake at the rear taken over from Aprilia. The brakes are coupled with Bosch’s 9MP ABS as well as Rear Wheel Lift-up Mitigation (RLM) system, also from Aprilia.

A major chunk of the design aspects was around the suspension units and its setup. At the front Double Wishbone linked by a pushrod and a rocker with Öhlins TTX damper line 36 and Öhlins TTX damper line 36 at the rear make the scene of the lifetime. The first ever kind of setup in the history of the motorcycling world, usually seen on formula one circuits.


After reading through all this, one notion you could get synonymous to the motorcycle is - its build in a completely unconventional way, making it the free-spirited avant-garde. The brand is touted to be an entirely new and distinct premium motorcycle to re-shape the rule books or rather obliterated and flicked it out of the window entirely.

Having a world-renowned power mill under the belly, patent pending suspension setup and exquisite materials being made use of, what you get is a lustful masterpiece that seems like it was made by some divine being taking all the time to perfect every millimetre of the hankering machine. When this is around, you just become oblivion to everything else.

Of course, it is a limited edition product of only 25 of them seeing the daylights ever and is priced at € 150.000 (₹ 11 lakh which will turn to be a ₹20-25 lakh if got on the Indian shore. Such a pity )

They will even customise the bike for you in terms of suitable riding positions based on your body length and weight, colour schemes for your ride and they will also allow you to mount the engine onto the chassis yourself. slow clap

The company is also open to partner with newer manufacturers, especially ones with an electric power house. Getting this work of art out to open world has been a challenge, but by the looks of it, there is no reason for me to beleive that it cannot be done. The build speaks for itself.

"What you get is a lustful masterpiece that seems like it was made by some divine being taking all the time to perfect every millimetre of the hankering machine. When this is around, you just become oblivion to everything else."

Image credit: Studio Target Press, Moordrecht, The Netherlands.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dutch company launches carbon fiber motorcycle

ROTTERDAM - After five years of dedication and hard work the Dutch brand VanderHeide Motorcycles introduced the pre-production model of their “Gentleman’s Racer” at the 2016 edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.
The press describes the bike as a “carbon wonder” (Motorrad International) and “a breathtaking mix of metal and carbon fibre monocoque chassis” (Motorcycle News UK).

The motorcycle features a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, carbon fiber swingarm, and carbon fiber front end. Every piece of carbon fiber is engineered and hand built by Rolf van der Heide, founder of the company.

Another eye-catching feature of the VanderHeide bike is the proprietary suspension system: two shock absorbers are positioned in line and in opposite direction. This suspension system is common in race cars, and has now for the first time ever been introduced on a two-wheeler.

Rolf van der Heide: “as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of creating my own motorcycle. I have been involved with various companies, like Dutch supercar brand Spyker, and Dutch car brand Carver. I felt inspired by the way these companies consistently step out of their comfort zones to ensure innovation. And, as an engineer, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of carbon fiber composites. Five years ago, I decided to combine my knowledge and experience and dedicate my life to realizing my dream.”

The company was established in 2011. Rolf van der Heide (30) is in charge of the engineering, his 2-years elder brother Sjors van der Heide is in charge of the business.

Dry weight of the street legal version is 175kg. The race version only weighs 165kg. Fuel capacity in the monocoque chassis is 24 liters; there is no separate fuel tank.
VanderHeide offers the opportunity to entirely tailor the motorcycle to the buyer’s needs: individualized color schemes, chassis made to measure based on body length, weight, etc. Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink was involved with the styling of the bike.

The motorcycle is equipped with the highest quality parts that are available on the market: Aprilia RSV4 V4 1000cc 201hp engine (optional: the RSV4-RF superbike engine, 230+hp), Öhlins TTX 36 inline dampers, BST 17” carbon wheels, MoTeC C125 dashboard, hand built leather seats and matching grips.

Photos and more information about the technical specifications can be found at the VanderHeide website:

VanderHeide is now accepting pre-orders. The production is limited to 25 individualized pieces.

Sales prices start at €150.000,-.



 Contact person: Sjors van der Heide, contact@vanderheidemotorcycles.com, +31 (0) 6 43 15 85 81.

 High-resolution studio photos are available on request and of course free of charge, please credit the

photographer: Studio Target Press, Moordrecht, The Netherlands.

 Please have a look at our website for additional info on technical specifications:


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