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TVS Motor is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, whose strength lies within its goal of designing and development of new products that are a continuous source of inspiration. They produce machines that beam innovation and technology acumen at the highest standards giving the competition a run for their money.

They ended the year 2016 on a high note by getting themselves awarded with an Indian patent for automatic hybrid transmission (AHT) system for two-wheelers. TVS believes in ‘The art of delivering innovative technology at great value - where style and technology meet to create fuel efficient vehicles that also deliver better environment performance’

The Chennai patent office awarded the company with the patent that is related to a piece of technology which is an amalgamation of fixed speed transmission mechanism (FSTM) and a continuously variable transmission mechanism (CVTM).

FSTM is a system where one or more gears are made use of for a fixed transmission ratio. But, the number of transmission ratios from one gear to other is limited in a vehicle because of limited gears involved. This does not make power transmission smooth. The positive side of this is that FSTM will enable the rider to have better initial acceleration and hence has a suitable fixed ratio that works efficiently at low speeds.

When it comes to CVT, the system makes use of varying diameter pulleys that are shaped like cones. Although they are very smooth in transmission of power at different speeds, they are susceptible to frequent belt slips at lower speeds and when there is varying changes of acceleration levels.

The patented system of TVS gets the best out of these two system, especially their positives at low speeds. At high and constant speed and acceleration conditions, the FSTM fails to provide an efficient gear ratio due to constraints and that is where CVT steps in to also provide smoother power delivery. This will enable smoother power delivery and better efficiency at all operating speeds and condition of the engine irrespective of frequent acceleration.

As currently in existence, the scooters which are provided with CVTM cannot be naturally transferred to a hybrid system due to design and space constraints within the motorcycle. Hence a brand new design of the transmission system is in place which will allow the FSTM to be retrofitted to the existing CVTM in the scooters, thereby providing higher transmission efficiency at low, mid and high ranges of power bands.

When TVS received this patent, their stock value in the market raised. This is proof of the company’s vision to stand as the leader in the technological forefront, and by the looks of it, this system will also help in raising the product’s satisfaction quotient up a notch.

Source: The Financial Express

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