This custom made Classic 350 turned into a bobber will make you drool all over places.

Royal Enfield has been the spoilt choice for man custom bikers and builders around the globe. Enfields are mental and they are a gold find for few for its simplistic construction and for customisation. You can chop it up and put them together and it carries a whole new charm.

With the soul of ’go anywhere, do anything’ taking up a new meaning every time it goes under the axe, it is in for some Bobber makeover this time around from a custom house in Kerala called Grid7 Customs.

The Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. A play choreographed by artisans. Exterior
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Royal Enfield entered the motorcycle industry more than 115 years back in the UK. analog makes it the world’s oldest motorcycling company in continuous production. Since then, they have been giving us with simple and resilient machines that are ridden across some of the world’s most exciting terrains. Then there came a wave of this breed of custom builders who turned these spirited machines into a beacon of beauty, simplicity, class and definition.

The chaps at Grid7 Customs have seemed to have caught this spirit, and you get to see it in their builds. And the most recent of them all is the Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. Now, that’s how you name a motorcycle.

The Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. A play choreographed by artisans.
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It is a Classic 350 motorcycle that has been stripped apart, chiseled, painted, replaced and put back together to form a Bobber silhouette and it looks gorgeous for one. The frame, to begin with, was altered with extended swing arm and was painted with taupe-lighter shade to get the gunmetal finish. The front headlamp unit was switched with the current Thunderbird’s, and the wheel arches adorn new mudguards. At the rear too a minimalistic tail lamp sits on the mudguard.

They have even changed the tank unit to replicate the bobber’s tall and less wide unit and behind that comes the tan brown stitched custom seat. The instrument cluster is now a part analogue part digital unit with LCD displays, and the LED turn indicators have been tastefully embedded within the handlebar ends and rear shock strut. Don’t miss out on the custom rear view mirrors bolted to the sides of the headlight unit. It seems functional too.

The Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. A play choreographed by artisans. Exterior
- image 528733
The Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. A play choreographed by artisans. Exterior
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You also see an addition of rear disc brake unit tethered to wider tyres (110 mm at the front and 140 mm at the rear) and the most exquisite changeover of all is the steel brushed exhaust canister that has a resemblance to the ones on Triumph’s Bonneville Bobber. Apart from this, all surfaces are painted in a lacquered black finish, and it looks absolutely stunning.

There isn’t much change with the mechanicals of the motorcycle, and it still runs on the 346cc Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, Twinspark, Air cooled power mill that can produce a healthy 20 bhp power and 28 Nm max torque. However, the stock air intake has been replaced with K&N air filter and custom open exhaust piping of course.

Only if I could throw a leg around and ride this element of craftsmanship that has charisma written all over it. Everything just compliments everything else. All in all, it is a well put together package maintaining a classy and simple design with fantastic detailing. If you don’t want to ride this in a heavy downpour-not that we’ll blame you-you can grab a cup of coffee, put your legs up only to stare at it, and you’d be no less disappointed.

The Royal Enfield BRAT-BOB. A play choreographed by artisans. Exterior
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