Takes the top speed to a colossal 178 kph mark!

In 2015, Bajaj Auto launched the first of a new-generation design philosophy in the form of the NS 200, an acronym for ’naked sport’. Then in 2017, it received a major update that included upgraded engine, a bunch of cosmetic changes and a couple of mechanical upgrades. It came in to take performance biking to a new state of adrenaline and Bajaj themselves termed it as “an adrenaline pumping beast”.

Now, there is a guy who has taken this very seriously and has taken his NS 200 to new performance levels that takes the manufacturer top speed of 140kph and make dinner out of it.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 gets modified to break the top speed shackle.
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The 2017 bike got an all-new 199.5 cc engine which is on par with BS IV emission norms while it still manages to churn out similar power and torque figures at 23bhp and 18.3 Nm respectively. The 4-valve, triple spark technology of Bajaj is an unprecedented innovation that gives the bike increased power, throttle response, and pick-up. The Pulsar NS200’s liquid cooling system turns every journey into a seamless road experience without overheating and slimming.

All of this pushed the bike to 140 kph top speed, and we were contended with the performance. But there are always a few who want so much more with their motorcycle and end up modifying the specs to attain them. With changing the gear ratios and the cylinder dimensions, one can increase the horsepower and the torque to levels unattainable with the stock engine.

2017 Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Exterior
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This guy here has done just that to take the top speed of his NS 200 to 178kph! That is a massive improvement but will be responsible for decreasing the engine’s efficiency and performance. Also, the manufacturer would have optimized the frame, suspension and brakes to suit the engine’s power, and doing this will nullify this. Hence there has been no manufacturer who will support modifying anything on the motorcycle.

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