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Most of the changes made are cosmetic but still its a good effort to attract attention

No matter how much slowdown the Indian two wheeler market will be facing, the one time period which brings a smile to all the automobile majors is the festive season of Navratri and Diwali. All the two wheeler manufacturers of the Indian market try their best to make their products as best as possible, by either introducing sweet and tempting deals and discounts, or to increase their profits and margins by launching limited edition models.

Out of these two moves by the two wheeler manufacturers for the festive season, the latter one seems to be more interesting, as it somewhat makes the already existing products a bit more desirable and value for money. These limited edition models do ask a slight premium (sometimes, they don’t ask that premium as well), which we feel is worthy given the fact that they do look a bit different and eye catchy on the road.

Following is a list of all the limited edition models by various two wheeler manufacturers of India for the festive season of 2016, which range from a puny 110cc scooter to a mighty middleweight naked roadster. Here you go:-

Honda CB Hornet 160R Special Edition

Since the departure of the Hero Honda CBZ, Hero has never been able to make a strong impact and bring a strong seller in the 150cc segment, which is now ruled by the likes of Pulsar, FZ, Gixxer and CB Hornet 160R. The motorcycle which replaced the original CBZ, the Hero Honda Achiever, has been a slow seller always, and it continued to be the same for a long period of 10 years. Recently, Hero decided to give the platform of Achiever a shot by completely revamping it and making it a non-Honda motorcycle by refurbishing the powertrain and coming up with new styling.

However, what was more surprising is the fact that alongside the new Achiever, Hero also launched a limited edition Achiever, which shares its design and mechanicals with the new Achiever, but comes with a tricolor-themed paint job, with a dual-tone white and black paint scheme complemented with tricolor stripes on the lower portion of the fuel tank. Only 70 units of this Achiever Special Edition will be made, making a commuter motorcycle one rare proposition.

TVS Jupiter MillionR Edition

Ever since its launch in the Indian two wheeler market, the Honda Activa has been one undisputable segment leader in the 100-110cc four stroke scooter segment, as far as sales numbers are concerned. However, the TVS Jupiter, when launched in 2013, gave a tough fight to the Honda Activa by sharing all of its strong characteristics like metal body, refined and smooth engine and brilliant fuel efficiency, but in addition, it offered few more additional worthy features as well, thus making it an absolute winner in the unisex scooter segment.

To commemorate the sales of 1 million Jupiters, TVS launched the Jupiter MillionR Edition, which continues its run for the festive season as well. Though the Jupiter MillionR Edition shares its design and powertrain with the standard Jupiters, features like a unique purple paint job, chrome garnish on rear view mirrors and side body panels, beige colored interior panels and floor mat, ‘MillionR Edition’ emblem on the front apron, a front disc brake and a ‘MillionR Edition’ key ring set it apart from the standard Jupiter.

TVS Scooty Zest Himalayan Highs Edition

Before the advent of the Honda Activa, it was the TVS Scooty which was the first name to appear on the mouth of the Indian audience when it came to discussions of an automatic scooter. In its latest generation model, the TVS Scooty Zest, the Scooty platform has become bigger, bolder and better than all the previous generation 2-stroke and 4-storke models.

To celebrate the fact that the Scooty Zest is the first ever scooter to be ridden by a woman all the way to Khardung La (the highest motorable road in the world), TVS has launched a special edition model of the scooter with the name of Scooty Zest Himalayan Highs Edition. This scooter shares the basic silhouette, engine and other mechanicals with the standard Scooty Zest, but in addition, comes with brown colored interior panels, a special dedicated paint scheme in brown shade and a ‘Himalayan Highs’ Special Edition emblem on the left upper side of the front apron.

Suzuki Gixxer SP

After successive flops in the Indian market in terms of its motorcycle offerings, which were considered to be stale and unappealing in front of its similarly priced rivals, Suzuki hit a big shot in the 150cc segment with the Gixxer in 2014, a motorcycle which brought back Suzuki in the game and has made it a name as synonymous as it is in the scooter segment. The motorcycle has given the established names in the segment like FZ and Pulsar some nightmares, owing to its brawny design, reliable and refined mechanicals and punchy performance on tap.

To celebrate the two years of the Gixxer nameplate in India, Suzuki has come up with a limited edition model of the motorcycle, the Gixxer SP. Apart from the basic design and engine which it shares with the standard model, the Gixxer SP comes with a special matt grey paint shade, maroon colored seat, chequered graphics and special edition SP emblem on fuel tank extensions, blackened side body cowls and a clear lens LED tail lamp at the rear.

Suzuki Gixxer SF SP

Following the successful launch of the naked Gixxer, Suzuki hit one more big shot in the same price bracket of ‘sub Rs. 1 lakh’ with the Gixxer SF. Launched as the most affordable fully faired motorcycle, a title which it continues to hold even today, the Gixxer SF appeared to be one perfect answer to the prayers of all those who wanted the appeal and looks of a fully faired motorcycle from two or three segments above, but were on a fixed budget and performance constraints.

In order to celebrate the one successful year of the motorcycle in the Indian market, Suzuki decided to make the moment special by launching a special edition model by the name Gixxer SF SP. As mentioned for the Gixxer SP, the Gixxer SF SP comes with the same set of equipment and differentiating styling bits from the standard model - a special matt grey paint shade, maroon colored seat, chequered graphics and special edition SP emblem on fuel tank extensions, blackened side body cowls and a clear lens LED tail lamp at the rear.

Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition

Suzuki has managed to bring back the Access 125 back in the game by revamping it for the year 2016. The new Access definitely looks modern and up-to-date, with its chic, retro-themed styling, refined and retuned powertrain and new mechanical underpinnings and features like alloy wheels, part-digital meters and front disc brake.

Within a very short period of time, owing to the upcoming festive season, Suzuki has come up with a Special Edition model of the Access 125. Remember the Access Being Human Edition? The new Access 125 Special Edition is somewhat the same, as it retains the mechanicals and basic design of the new Access 125, but in addition, is adorned with a new white paint shade, round chrome rear view mirrors, a maroon colored seat, standard alloy wheels, brown colored interior panels and floor and ‘Special Edition’ badges on the side body panels.

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition

Mahindra carried a very daring move by launching the Mojo, its first ever fully self-developed sportsbike, specially targeted for touring lovers in India. It might have taken a very long period of time to finally arrive in the picture, but the Mojo has definitely hit the sweet spot with its unusual styling, fantastic engine and some really nice bits like Pirelli tires, petal disc brakes and upside down front forks.

The Mojo is one excellent touring motorcycle - there are no two ways about it. However, Mahindra has tried to make the motorcycle even more touring friendly with the Mojo Tourer Edition, a limited edition model which comes with some additional accessories over the standard Mojo, thus making it more convenient and purposeful. The list of additional accessories which the Mojo Tourer Edition comes blessed with includes LED auxiliary lamps at the front, tubular engine and radiator leg guard, tank mounted bag, panniers on both the sides at the rear and tubular luggage mounting bay at the rear, just above the rear fender and tail lamp section.

Mahindra Gusto Limited Edition

Launched as its first ever self developed and fully home grown scooter, the Gusto was one serious attempt from Mahindra in the 110ccc scooter segment, one of the toughest arenas to survive for the two wheeler manufacturers, thanks to the undisputed leadership of Honda Activa in this particular bracket. Armed with some very interesting features and a slightly unusual boxy styling as well as a sweet powertrain, the Gusto has been one non-ignorable choice in the segment, even though its sales are not as strong as what Mahindra had expected in the beginning.

To make the scooter a bit more popular in the market, Mahindra has launched the Gusto Limited Edition model, which shares its unique design, feature set list and mechanicals with the regular Gusto, but comes with a beige colored inside body panels, brown colored seat and two new color options of Crimson Matt Red and Pacific Matt Blue. The Limited Edition model of the Gusto is based on its range topping variant, the VX.

Mahindra Centuro Mirzya Edition

Just like the Gusto, the Centuro too was Mahindra’s best possible shot in another hugely competitive segment of 110cc commuters. With some big bike like features such as remote flip key, find me and guide me lamps, part digital meters and engine immobilizer in a 110cc commuter motorcycle, the Centuro instantly became a favorite for all those who prefer the value for money packaging as the most important aspect while going for a motorcycle.

Recently, Mahindra collaborated with a Bollywood movie named ‘Mirzya’ and came up with a limited edition version of the motorcycle which shares its name with that of the movie. Retaining the basic design, engine, features and mechanical components of the Centuro NXT, the Centuro Mirzya Edition comes with a different set of tribal-themed graphics, which go well with the theme of the movie with which it is associated to. The different set of graphics are present only on the front fairing, fuel tank and side body panels, though, and there are no other changes which differentiate it from the standard Centuro NXT.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 KRT Edition

It’s unusual to see a premium foreign-based motorcycle maker to offer a limited edition model in the wake of the Indian festive season, but Kawasaki has pulled off a surprise by launching the Ninja 300 KRT Edition as the limited edition model to boost up its sales for the festive season in the Indian market. Now, the Ninja 300 might have been too long in the tooth, with a possible thorough upgrade just around the corner, but the Ninja 300 still has the mettle in its soul to be one of the most desirable motorcycles in the space in which it is currently available in the market today.

In this limited edition model, the KRT Edition, the motorcycle is exactly the same machine as the standard Ninja 300, as it shares the design, engine and chassis components. However, it does come wrapped in a very sporty looking Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT) livery, which is a combination of black and green, making it an aggressive looking dual tone livery. Also, the fuel tank comes with a special ‘Kawasaki Racing Team’ sticker above the fuel tank cap.

Kawasaki Z800 Limited Edition

The Kawasaki Z800 is undoubtedly the most value for money and desirable middleweight motorcycle available in the country right now, something which is reflected by the strong sales numbers it puts up every month. The motorcycle, with its super-aggressive stance, punchy powertrain, modern day electronics and a justified price tag makes it a winner. Sadly, the motorcycle might soon be a thing of the past, as Kawasaki has announced that it will be replaced by an even heavenly motorcycle, the Z900 – something which is happening for good, we must say!

Till the current generation Z800 is on sale, Kawasaki is trying its best to keep the motorcycle as fresh and exciting as it could, which is why, specifically for the Indian market and the upcoming festive season here, it has launched a Limited Edition model f the motorcycle, which doesn’t come with a single change to its mechanicals, but comes with an interesting looking livery over the standard Z800. This lievery is a combination of blue, black, white and golden, and looks as wicked as the overall design of the motorcycle. Only 10 units of this Z800 Limited Edition have been allotted for the Indian market, which makes it even more special.

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