Watch this Indian convert his stock exhaust sound to the ones on the KTMs’ using just a can of soda.

You have to agree that everyone after some point of time develops an affinity towards the throaty exhaust note of the KTM Dukes’ and the RCs’. Unfortunately, you have to buy one to extract all the feels of it. There is only one thing that stops us from doing that. The steep prices of these machines.

Not that it is a lot or it is not worth it, it so much is. But a major part of the country’s population cannot afford it. So what if you cannot buy the whole motorcycle? You can at least customise your commuter to sound like one. A chap here has done exactly that, but not by spending huge sums to replace his exhaust unit. Instead, he makes use of an empty soda can.

Yes, with just an aerated can of your favourite drink that cost just ₹ 25. He has fastened the can onto the exhaust unit in such a way that the mouth/opening of the can face the exhaust outlet of the Honda commuter motorcycle. And when he starts the ignition, you wouldn’t believe your ears how similar to the KTM exhaust note it sounds.

If you go to a small shack selling snacks and drinks or even to your corner grocery store, you don’t even have to spend that ₹ 25, you will find cans thrown away. So basically, all you then need is a fastener metal wire that will hoist the can into place. And Voila!, you have your very own DIY KTM exhaust unit.

Thums up!

Now, check out the stock exhaust of the Duke 200 and compare it for yourself.

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