The Bajaj Dominar is all kitted up by all-women workforce.

Breaking stereotypes across the industry, automakers in the country are increasingly seeing the advantages of having women manning their production machines. Getting into what has traditionally been a male stronghold, needs some acts of courage and self-confidence and also the company’s work limitation.

Luckily at Bajaj’s Chakan plant where the Dominar 400 is currently made, it would be surprising for you to know that the entire motorcycle has been assembled by an all-women workforce manning the assembly work stations.

Bajaj's Chakan plant has an all-women assembly line.
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This is no longer a gesture based employment allocation for gender biasing, rather, there are some very real advantages of having women on the shop floor. Versatility and out of the box thinking for starters. They bring in a more dexterous take on the manufacturing process and work with greater precision and dedication without wasting more time.

A little over 200 employees at the company’s workforce comprise of women, of which 170 of them work on the shop floors. Snatching the flagship title from the RS 200, the Dominar 400 created the year’s biggest launch for the Indian manufacturer. It created shockwaves across the industry and has gotten all talking about this cruiser and created a benchmark in the segment. This motorcycle, unlike others in the market, has been completely assembled by an all-women team, a first in the industry.

Bajaj's Chakan plant has an all-women assembly line.
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Bajaj's Chakan plant has an all-women assembly line.
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As you may have wondered, production of any sorts involves heavy machinery and large physical abilities to operate them. Luckily for Bajaj, they have incorporated what they call as ’Co-Bots’ (collaborative robots) on the assembly lines which assists in a variety of tasks like welding, lifting, application of decals, etc. This will basically negate the negatives for the women working employees on the shop floor.

There are a few working since the past 4 years when the assembly line used to make the KTM’s Duke and RC series of motorcycles, which now makes the Dominar 400. Close to 130 women work here who take care of functions right trough assembly, quality and dispatch.

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