The most competitive segment of the Indian motorcycle market is the 150 cc segment and Yamaha was suffering in India with their sales in this particular segment, then they decided to launch the FZ series in the year 2008. After its launch the motorcycle was an instant hit amongst every generation of people. FZS which is an updated version of the old FZ was launched within 6 months of the launch of the FZ in the Indian market. The new model had the same engine unit of the FZ but it came with some cosmetic changes, as if Yamaha wanted to add some more stylistic elements and some more oomph!! factor in their new updated version of the FZ.

FZS is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder and CV-carburetor 153cc engine which generates 14bhp of maximum power at 7500rpm and 13.6 NM of torque at 6000RPM. The engine remained the same but there are few cosmetic changes in the new FZS. Let’s get to find out some more details about this new motorcycle.

2008 Yamaha FZS
  • Year: 2008
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: FZS
  • Engine: single-cylinder CV-carburetor
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 14 @ 7500
  • Torque @ RPM: 10 @ 6000
  • Displacement: 153 cc
  • Top Speed: 68 mph
  • Price: INR 71350


2008 Yamaha FZS
- image 494965

The new FZS almost looks like the old FZ but there are certain changes which still can be noticeable. The headlamps have been swept back to give the FZS more aggressive look, a new small visor has been added on the front of the instrument cluster. The digital instrument cluster is the same unit from the FZ which displays the tachometer along with a speedometer, it also displays information like the fuel gauge meter beside some regular warning lamps.The disadvantage of the instrument cluster is that it can be a bit troublesome to follow while riding the motorcycle because of its small size. On the other hand the wide handlebar on the FZS is built out of a solid steel and is placed low which gives a sporty feeling to the rider. The switches on the handlebar are easy to operate and are made of good quality plastics, there is also an engine kill switch which comes in handy.

The muscular looking fuel tank and the added graphics on it makes the appearance more exclusive and attractive. The seats which was one of the major issues of the Yamaha FZ have been made longer and wider and a new rear grab handlebar also has been provided for the utmost comfort of the rider as well as the pillion, this is an important modification that Yamaha made in the new motorcycle previously lot of people complained about the seating position of the FZ and the pillion was not comfortable enough. The mono cross suspension and the midship muffler exhaust also enhances the overall look of the motorcycle. The portion which attracts everyone’s attention is the wide and chunky 140/60 R-17 tyres which is one of a kind and makes the FZS look unique.

The overall dimension of the FZS is provided below:

Length 2075mm
Breadth 770mm
Height 1090mm
wheelbase 1334mm

Engine and Performance

2008 Yamaha FZS
- image 494967

The FZS is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder and CV-carburetor 153cc engine which generates 14bhp of maximum power at 7500rpm and 13.6 NM of torque at 6000RPM. The engine is extremely smooth like other Yamaha engines; the engine has been mated with a 5 speed gearbox which is extremely smooth too like its engine. The bike has good low range torque, another mechanism which has been fitted in the engine is the TPS (Throttle position sensor) which is extremely useful and situated in its carburetor so the power delivery and the acceleration is smooth on the new FZS. The FZS has a quick acceleration and a top speed of about 110 km.

The engine details of the new FZS has been provided below:

Fuel Petrol
Installation Single-cylinder, air-cooled
Type 153cc
Power 14bhp at 7500rpm
Torque 13.6NM at 6000rpm
Type 5-speed
Gearbox 1-down, 4-up

Ride and handling

2008 Yamaha FZS
- image 494968

FZS has been fitted with a monocross suspension setup for its rear and 41mm front forks, the suspension system is on the stiffer side but that causes no trouble for the FZS, it handles well both in straight line as well as during corners.

The wide handlebars helps in easy maneuvering and the new wider seats helps in providing comfortable ride even during long journeys. The motorcycle handles well both in city traffics as well as highways, there is minimum vibration in high speeds and the motorcycle’s diamond frame helps in keeping the motorcycle stable in higher speeds. The 267 mm front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provide good braking power to the motorcycle. The wide rear tyre and the front MRF tyres provides enough grip on the tarmac and increases the confidence of the rider.


The FZS has been priced at RS.71,350 (ex showroom Delhi) and is 2000 rupees more than the old FZ.

The FZS is available in following colors
- * Fiery orange
- * Competition White
- * Sunset Red
- * Black Cyber Green


India has a steep competition in the 150 CC segment of motorcycles there are many products from different manufacturers that are present in the Indian market, but Yamaha’s toughest competitor is the Bajaj pulsar 150 DTSI

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the largest selling motorcycles in India and it has a 149.01cc engine which generates 15.06 of maximum power at 9000 (Ps @ RPM) and 12.5NM of torque at 6500 (Nm @ RPM).


2008 Yamaha FZS
- image 495082

The FZS is a well handled motorcycle like all other Yamaha motorcycle it has the tough build quality and the overall good looks that will easily attract anyone’s attention, the muscular looking fuel tank and the wide rear tyres surely gives the motorcycle its unique identity. The motorcycle also returns a good fuel economy which also is the concern of many Indian motorcycle enthusiasts. Overall the FZS stays well ahead of its competitors in the 150 cc segment motorcycles.


“Overall, the FZ-S feels just as comfortable on the twisty roads and straights as it does in the jungle —urban or otherwise. Priced at Rs 67,000 (ex-showroom, India), the FZ-S is Rs 2,000 more expensive than the FZ-16. Offering the same pure and brilliant riding experience as the FZ-16, the FZ-S makes sense for riders looking for a bit more attention for the money they pay”—Autocar India

“The 150cc FZ-series from Yamaha is certainly one of the finest looking motorcycles in the country and with its excellent street-friendly demeanor and low stance it offers superb riding pleasure”.—Zigwheels India

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  • * Fuel economy needs improvement

Source: Yamaha FZS

Riju Ganguly

Press Release

India Yamaha Motor, India’s premium two wheeler manufacturer, has launched the limited edition versions of the bestselling FZ-S & FAZER bikes to boost sales and create more excitement amongst customers during the upcoming festive season. Both the limited edition FZ-S and Fazer bikes have undergone cosmetic changes involving new logo and paint finishes across the motorcycles. Both the bikes come in striking blue color with Limited edition logo on it. The 2012 Yamaha FZ-S Limited Edition model is priced at INR 73,030 while the Fazer will cost INR 78,130, both prices reflecting ex-showroom Delhi figures.

2008 Yamaha FZS
- image 494968

Since the launch of FZ series in 2008, these bikes have gained immense popularity amongst customers, especially youngsters. It has been Yamaha’s constant endeavour to bring further excitement and variety to its style conscious customers. Yamaha launched the limited editions of the FZ-S and Fazer bikes keeping in mind these young and enthusiastic customers who are always looking to upgrade to a more stylish product to suite their ever changing fashion statement and personality. Yamaha is confident that these variants will be instrumental in catapulting its sales to a new level during the festive season.

The engine specs of both limited edition Yamaha FZ-S as well as the Yamaha Fazer remain unchanged with the same 153cc, air cooled-single cylinder four stroke engine doing duty. The engine generates maximum power of 14 Bhp at 7500 rpm with maximum torque of 13.6 Nm at 6000 rpm. This engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox and accelerates 0-60 kmph sprint in just 5.5 seconds.

"Stylish Macho" (FZ-S)

FZ-S highlights the style quotient and has more flesh to flaunt with purely European international design like new colours & graphics, aerodynamic chiseled windshield, stylish & sporty carbon pattern meter console, and more aggressive looking headlight. Etched with style and geared to today’s fashion conscious customers, FZ-S is a fusion of machismo and fashion. Further cementing its position in the 150 cc segment, the entire FZ series not only scores high on looks but is designed to satiate the need for style and comfort by riders