It is not a hidden fact that Mahindra Two Wheelers is the newest two wheeler maker in the Indian market. The company took over the sinking two wheeler business of Kinetic Engineering in 2008, and since then, the company has been putting up decent sales in the entry level segments.

Till now, Mahindra hasn’t been able to pose a serious threat to the established competitors, with the entry level 110cc commuter Centuro and the 110cc scooter Gusto too selling in average numbers. Mahindra is in a need of making its product portfolio stronger to make itself an established and serious auto maker in this very business. In order to expand its portfolio, the company has launched its first ever premium motorcycle, the 300cc naked streetfighter Mojo.

It took Mahindra more than three years to develop its first ever premium motorcycle in the form of Mojo. The Mojo, which was first showcased in Auto Expo 2012, has now arrived to take on the growing competition in the 250-300cc entry level sportsbikes. Pitched as a sport tourer, can the Mahindra Mojo carve a niche for itself in the crowd of KTMs, Kawasakis and Yamahas? Here’s a quick review to find out what all mojo does the new Mojo pack in:-

2015 Mahindra Mojo
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Mahindra
  • Model: Mojo
  • Top Speed: 93 mph (Est.)
  • Price: INR 158000


2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516871
2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516874
2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516872

The first impression which the Mojo draws in the minds of buyers is that the design is unusual and quirky. Mahindra has tried hard to make the Mojo as distinctive as possible, but has ended up with a design which is subjective to say the least – some may like its unique styling cues, while others may find it an oddball design proposition.

At the front, the Mojo’s main highlight has to be the twin circular headlamps which come with eyebrow shaped LED daytime running lamps, which give the Mojo a very unique face, and make the motorcycle look premium. The headlamps are encased in a very busily styled bikini fairing, which comes with a sloping visor at the top to help it deflect wind blasts at higher speeds.

Moving sideways, the golden finish to the upside down front forks, twin tubular members of the frame running below the fuel tank and frame members give the Mojo a premium touch. The design of the bulbous fuel tank isn’t too snazzy, but has been well-styled in line with the character of the motorcycle. The bike comes with silver finished side body panels and minimal looking rear side body panels, which end up in a small LED tail lamp and split pillion grab rails. The body colored rear fender is nicely styled and gives the Mojo a unique identity at the rear. The bike also comes with a sharply styled engine cowl and twin exhaust pipes, one on the either side.

The instrument console of the Mahindra Mojo too has a premium appeal to it, with the part digital meter showing displays for speedometer, odometer, two trip meters, fuel gauge and clock in the LCD panel and an analog tachometer. All the tell tale lamps are vertically positioned in the left hand side of the tachometer, while a gear shift indicator sits at the top of the LCD panel. The long one piece handlebar looks too commuter-ish, but goes well with the character of the motorcycle as a sport tourer. The switchgear and overall fit and finish are extremely well – kudos to Mahindra for taking the factor of build quality seriously. The angular rear view mirrors are the same which we are seeing for a long time on the TVS Apache RTR models.


2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516869

For a new motorcycle maker which has made only 110cc engines till date, Mahindra needs to be praised heavily for coming up with an indigenously developed 300cc engine, which happens to be its first ever big bike engine. The four stroke, single cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected engine, which displaces 295cc, churns out 27 PS of power and 30 Nm of torque.

On paper, the power output of 27 PS may not seem too much for a 300cc engine, but on the go, the motorcycle manages to impress you with the sheer amount of torque. With a strong low end power and mid range grunt, the torque is in abundance and serves you with immense pulling power as and when needed. The motorcycle feels vibe-free even at higher revs, with the engine destined to run longer and longer miles, as it is being promoted as a sports tourer. The large 21 liter fuel tank too gives it a much larger tank range than other motorcycles in this category.


2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516873

Being a Mahindra, the Mojo may astonish you with the amount of premium hardware it comes with. Mahindra has kitted the Mojo with the very best of mechanicals to make the motorcycle as premium as possible, to take on the competition very seriously.

On the front of suspension, the Mojo comes with upside down telescopic forks at the front and high pressure gas charged monoshock with rectangular swingarm at the rear. The suspension has been tuned on a softer side to take on bad patches of roads as well as bumps and potholes with very ease. The seating posture too is a bit upright with mid mounted footrests, which make the riding posture less aggressive and more comfortable.

The motorcycle also comes with a 320mm petal disc brake at the front and a regular 240mm disc brake at the rear. The brakes do have adequate bite, but could have been a bit sharper. The lack of ABS is indeed a grueling miss, but Mahindra has confirmed that the Mojo will come with the option of ABS at a later stage. The bike also comes with premium Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres, which are undoubtedly the best tyres in this segment. The tyres are made up of soft rubber compound and give the Mojo equal composure on corners as well as straights and bad sections.


Everyone had hopes with Mahindra to price the Mojo at a suitably good point of price, to make it one of the most value for money offerings in this segment. Keeping its previous track record of pricing its products excellently still intact, Mahindra has priced the Mojo at a very good price of Rs. 1.58 lakh. Though the prices are introductory and will shoot up at a later stage.

The bike comes in a single variant with all the kit and features mentioned in the article above as standard. Mahindra is offering Mojo in three different paint schemes – Volcano Red, Glacier White and Charcoal Black.


Considering the specifications and price point, the Mahindra Mojo’s natural competition happens to be the KTM Duke 200. Although, both the motorcycles are very different in character – on the one hand, the Duke 200 is meant for clocking out quick acceleration figures and setting the city streets on fire, and on the other hand, the Mojo is a more relaxed motorcycle meant for long distance touring.

KTM Duke 200

2012 KTM Duke 200
- image 489758

The KTM Duke 200 comes with a four stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder, fuel injected, 199.5cc engine, which puts up 25 PS of power and 19 Nm of torque. The torque band of the Mojo, though, is wider and gives the motorcycle an edge over the Duke 200 when it comes to stress-free and relaxed rideability. Both the motorcycles are evenly matched when it comes to hardware of suspension, brakes and chassis, but the Mojo offers slightly better set of tyres and a more comfortable ride quality.


2015 Mahindra Mojo High Quality
- image 516870

Mahindra may have been very late to the party with the Mojo, but given the honest attempts it has thrown in the development of the motorcycle, the wait seems to be worth of it. The Mojo, by every means, is a premium motorcycle. The amount of features it packs in, the punch of the 300cc engine it comes fitted with and the level of hardware it comes bolstered with – everything is top notch.

The motorcycle may not enthuse you if you are a speed junkie – the 300cc engine doesn’t love to be revved like the KTMs and Kawasakis, but unlike them, it loves to sing on the open roads and clock up unlimited number of miles with ease and comfort – something which very no other naked streetfighter in this class of bikes manages to do. So, if you are an enthusiast who values the inner soul of a motorcycle, it real capabilities and love to add memories in your life by riding to new places, the Mojo, in that case, is a mature and suitable fit for you.

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Press Release

Mahindra launches MOJO

Mojo is a technologically advanced, comfortable and capable motorcycle, and has been
launched at a special introductory price of only Rs. 1,58,000/- (Ex-showroom Delhi)

The First 100 MOJOs have already been pre-booked by invitation

Mumbai, October 15, 2015: Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited, a part of the US $16.9 billion Mahindra Group, today unleashed the eagerly awaited MOJO on Indian roads. The technologically advanced

‘MOJO’ aims to set new benchmarks in styling, performance and ride quality.
MOJO comes equipped with the state-of-art engine with DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft), low friction piston and rings, advanced EFI (Electronic Fuel Ignition), iridium spark plug, resonator fitted intake system and twin exhausts. MOJO uses a twin tube frame with high torsional rigidity, inverted front fork with rigid triple clamp mounting and high pressure gas charged offset rear mono-shox with separator floating piston, largest 320mm radially mounted front disc brakes and Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres. These features are enhanced with a 21 litre fuel tank, the largest in its class, to ensure it can cover longer distances on road effortlessly. The handlebar and footrest placement of MOJO offer an upright riding stance which enhances the comfort of long distance riding.

MOJO also features Twin Pod Head lamps with LED guide light and LED tail lamps. The fully loaded console includes a digital speedometer with fuel gauge, dual trip meter, and analogue tachometer. The twin-exhaust system is specially designed to produce a unique note.

Dr Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "All of us at Mahindra are extremely proud of the MOJO. It has been developed in-house, with inputs from global partners and is designed to be on par with global products in this class. MOJO leverages deep consumer insights to serve many distinct needs of passionate biking enthusiasts. Testimony to this, is the fact that we already have 100 invite based pre-bookings for the MOJO.” Rajesh Jejurikar, President & Chief Executive – Farm Equipment & Two Wheeler Division said, "We are confident that MOJO will be an iconic brand. We are overwhelmed with the response so far from both experts and customers. We are happy to announce the creation of the ‘MOJO Tribe’, a community of MOJO owners that will ride on exhilarating long rides together.” The sales and service experience is also being enhanced by creating a MOJO Zone, a shop-in-shop concept in line with the expectations of this discerning consumer segment. The Mahindra MOJO was launched today at an attractive introductory price of Rs 1,58,000/-(Exshowroom Delhi). The price is valid for all bookings till this Diwali.
The bookings open on 16th October online on www.

MOJO TRIBE – Club of MOJO Owners

Mahindra Two Wheelers also announced the launch of the MOJO TRIBE. This exclusive club for MOJO owners has been created for them to share their biking experience with other like minded owners and also be a part of the upcoming rides called the ‘Trails of MOJO TRIBE.’ The first of such consumer trails will be flagged off on 17thOctober at Bengaluru. The club will regularly hold rides for owners of Mojo and organize activities that will enhance the biking experience

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