In the Indian two wheeler market, Hyosung might not be a name as synonymous as that of its Japanese peers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, but the manufacturer will always be credited for initiating the market of middleweight motorcycles in India, which has reached an all new level in terms of the number and variety of products you can choose from.

The Korea-based manufacturer has been known in India for its GT 250R and GT 650R sportsbikes as well as range of cruisers. Out of all its motorcycles, the ST7 happens to be its flagship offering in the Indian market. Now, the ST7 is on sale in India since the inception of brand Hyosung in the Indian market, much before the alliance of DSK Motowheels and Hyosung was materialized.

In recent times, the new and better Aquila offerings might have overtook the ST7 in terms of overall sales volumes and aspirational value, but for those who want a big and proper cruiser bike, the ST7 is still there on sale, and now comes as a slightly refreshed package to keep up with changing times. Let’s have a quick look on the Hyosung’s flagship offering, the ST7 cruiser.

2015 Hyosung ST7
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Hyosung
  • Price: INR 627000


2015 Hyosung ST7 High Quality
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For all those cruiser lovers who are in search for a middleweight cruiser motorcycle, the ST7 might just be the final bet – particularly due to its proper cruiser stance. The bike not only appears visually big, but also has a lot of likeable design cues which make it look like a proper cruiser from the United States.

At the front, the Hyosung ST7 has got a round headlamp which is encased in a body colored housing. The beefy front upside down forks as well as well sculpted front fender does enhance the visual appeal of the ST7 when viewed head on, which may give the people ahead of it an impression of a much larger cruiser than what it actually is.

When viewed from sideways, the ST7 has been blessed with a rounded fuel tank as well as chrome bathed engine and dual exhausts stacked one above the other in the right hand side, which adds to the substantial bling factor of the motorcycle in a whole. The side body cowls though are designed rather simply, but the rear fender, like the front one, is a curvaceous unit which ends up in a swooping fashion towards its end point. The tail lamp as well as turn indicators mounted on the rear fender are surrounded by chrome garnish, above which sits the license plate, much like on the Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The instrument console of the Hyosung ST7 is mounted at the top of the fuel tank on a slanted chrome housing, much like on much bigger cruisers (over the 1000cc ones). The instrument console is a simple affair with a round part digital unit, which has an analog speedometer and a rectangular LCD screen for the digital readouts of odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge and clock. The overall build quality and fit and finish is a bit of a lower level when compared to the its competitors from Harley Davidson and Triumph, but nevertheless, the overall size and dimensions does surely give the ST7 the much needed big bike feel.


2015 Hyosung ST7 High Quality
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Powering the Hyosung ST7 is a four stroke, water cooled, V-twin, 678.2cc engine, which pumps out 58 PS of power and 57 Nm of torque. Mated to a 5-speed gearbox, the engine transfers the power to rear wheels via a belt drive.

Much like other cruisers, the chunk of the engine’s juice is available in the bottom and middle of the rev range. The motorcycle does pull off from idle in a nice manner, but the overall refinement and smoothness in power delivery is not in the league of its Japanese or American rivals. Nevertheless, the engine sounds in a very nice manner, and the overall power delivery does make you feel as if you are riding a proper middleweight motorcycle.


2015 Hyosung ST7 High Quality
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Though the overall power delivery of the Hyosung ST7 may not be like that of a traditional cruiser, but one thing where it excels is a comfortable ride quality. The ST7 comes fitted with inverted hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and hydraulic double shock absorbers at the rear. The overall suspension, like most of the cruisers, is set up on a softer side, which enhances the ride quality of the ST7. Though the overall weight of the ST7 stands at 244 kg, due to which the bike may take some time of yours so that you get to used to it.

In terms of braking, the ST7 has got a single disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear. The bike misses out on additional front disc and ABS even as an option, which puts it behind its rivals, which are offering both of these as a part of standard equipment.


2015 Hyosung ST7 High Quality
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Hyosung has always been able to price its products competitively in whatever segment in which it has its presence. The ST7 may be its flagship offering in the Indian market, but going by its pricing, it undercuts almost all of its rivals by a substantial margin. The ST7 currently is being retailed at Rs. 6.27 lakh, which makes it a lot more affordable than all of its rivals, but it loses out on the novelty factor, as the bike hasn’t undergone a thorough revamp since a long time.

Currently, the Hyosung ST7 is available in three different color options – Scarlet Red, Classic White and Ebony Black.


When we talk about cruisers, the first word which instantly pops in the minds of most of the people is ‘Harley Davidson’. Being a middleweight cruiser, the most obvious competitor of Hyosung ST7 is definitely from Harley Davidson, the Iron 883.

Iron 883

2016 Harley Davidson Iron 883 High Quality
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Unlike the ST7, the Iron 883 has recently undergone a facelift, which makes the bike look more contemporary than before. Adding to it, the overall levels of fit and finish is also in a better order in the Harley Davidson. Though the overall dimensions of the ST7 make it look like a bigger bike in comparison.

The Harley Davidson Iron 883 comes fitted with a four stroke, air cooled, V-twin, 883cc engine, which belts out 69 Nm of torque. The overall refinement orders and performance numbers of the Iron 883 are of a bit higher order than that of the ST7, which make the former look like an overall better proposition in comparison.


2015 Hyosung ST7 High Quality
- image 517956

There are some core areas where the ST7 scores high brownie points, like visual appeal of a big bike, punchy midrange performance and a comfortable ride quality. But there are a number of areas too, where it needs a huge improvement. The overall design of the bike now feels dated and needs a much fresher change. The engine is powerful, but it needs to be a bit more refined. And then, the fit and finish levels of the body panels and components are slightly lower than most of the middle weight offerings. Adding to its competition is its own stable mate, the Aquila Pro 650, which offers a much better product at a much lesser price. If Hyosung takes care of all the shortcomings of the ST7, it definitely has the potential to give the likes of Harley Davidson and Triumphs a run for their money.

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