Hyosung arrived in India at that time, when the two wheeler market here in the country was in a very nascent stage. For a new and globally less popular than other big bike marques, Hyosung had a quite successful start with the Comet and Aquila range of midsize superbikes, which were introduced through Kinetic Automobiles.

After a very brief stint with Kinetic Automobiles, Hyosung re-entered the Indian market in a full-fledged manner by launching its performance oriented motorcycles ranging between 250cc to 750cc. In this way, Hyosung had, and still has, the most versatile lineup of mid-range superbikes in the nation.

With a sorted product portfolio comprising of fully faired sportbikes and middleweight cruisers, Hyosung has the only naked roadster offering in the form of GT650N, The GT650N was the first middleweight naked motorcycle to make its way into the Indian market. Though the GT650N is not a too much talked about motorcycle in front of the breed of modern day middleweight roadsters, but the motorcycle still holds a candle when it comes to brute performance and big bike appeal. Here’s a quick look on the new Hyosung GT650R.

2015 Hyosung GT650N
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Hyosung
  • Model: GT650
  • Top Speed: 124 mph (Est.)
  • Price: INR 412000


2015 Hyosung GT650N High Quality
- image 516775

As the name suggests, the GT650N is basically a naked version of the fully faired motorcycle from Hyosung, the GT650R. This means that, apart from the front fairing, everything on the GT650N has been shared with the GT650R. But unlike the current iteration of the GT650R, the GT650N’s body panels do not come with body graphics and decals.

At the front, the large fairing of the GT650R has been replaced by a petite ovular headlamp, which is surrounded by a small plastic fairing. This front face of the motorcycle, though, doesn’t look appealing and feels like a face of a motorcycle from the yesteryears, which to some extent, it actually is. At the top of the headlamp unit sits a small blackened visor, which hides the instrument console behind it.
On moving sideways, you will be greeted by the muscular body panels which have been shared with the GT650R, including the fuel tank and rear side body panels. Due to the absence of the front full fairing, the twin tubular frame is exposed to the eyes of the onlooker, which certainly gives some character and a raw roadster feel to the motorcycle in a whole.

The shape of the rear side panels have been left intact from the GT650R on the GT650N, which though being distinctive, are now too dated. The bike gets the same old LED tail lamp and finicky looking split pillion grab rails and split seats. The single exhaust pipe looks absolutely ugly, though some chrome touches here and there on the pipe saves a bit in its favor.

The instrument console is one aspect which makes you feel that the Hyosung GT650N hasn’t changed much all these years. The part digital unit has an analog tachometer and a rectangular LCD panel for the readouts of speedometer, odometer, trip meters, fuel gauge, clock and lap timers. The fit and finish is acceptable, but not up to the mark of its Japanese rivals.

Though the Hyosung GT650N has a big bike feel and tremendous road presence, we feel that the bike is very dated, given the fact that its original design has been unchanged ever since its launch.


2015 Hyosung GT650N High Quality
- image 516771

Hyosung has played it safe with the new GT650N, by not altering the four stroke, water cooled, 8-valve, V-twin, 647cc engine shared from the GT650R even by a bit. As in its faired cousin, the engine still produces 74 PS of power and 61 Nm of torque as before, and comes paired to a 6-speed gearbox.

As before, the engine is a high revving unit with ample amount of mid range and high end torque. The engine surges quite well from lower revs, and beyond 5000 rpm mark comes in its own element. The power delivery is not too intimidating, but will take some time to get used to. The engine sounds good too, but the refinement levels are not as good as its rivals.


2015 Hyosung GT650N High Quality
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The Hyosung GT650N was the first bike in the Indian market to premier the inverted hydraulic telescopic forks at the front. In addition to it, the bike also comes with a hydraulic monoshock absorber at the rear. The suspension is fine tuned for giving the bike a perfect balance between daily riding comfort and occasional sport riding.

At 208 kg, the bike is quite well weighted too. The GT650N fares well on all kinds of terrains, making it an all rounder. Though it lacks the sharpness of other naked roadsters in its class (maybe due to the additional weight), but overall it’s quite a practical bike to live with. The GT650N also comes with dual disc brakes at the front and a single disc brake at the rear, but sadly, they don’t come with the option of ABS.


The Hyosung GT650N is locally assembled at the DSK Motowheels’ manufacturing facility in Wai, Maharashtra, which means that the motorcycle is priced reasonably. And it is – at Rs. 4.12 lakh, it is one of the most value for money propositions available in the big bike segments of Indian two wheeler market.

The Hyosung GT650N, in this latest iteration, is available in three different color options – Black, Red and White.


For a long time, the Hyosung GT650N wasn’t challenged by any motorcycle, which could match it in terms of size and performance. But much has changed in recent years, and the GT650N now has a worthy competitor in the form of Kawasaki ER-6n. Both the motorcycles look equally good and sizeable, though it is the ER-6n which feels more premium, fresh and better finished than the GT650N.

Kawasaki ER-6n

2015 Kawasaki ER-6n High Quality
- image 512179

The Kawasaki ER-6n comes with a four stroke, liquid cooled, parallel twin, 649cc engine, which pumps out 72 PS of power and 64 Nm of torque, which match pretty close to the numbers put up by GT650N. Though compared to the latter, the ER-6n’s engine is very refined and sounds vibe free even near the redline. The ride quality on the Kawasaki ER-6n is also more comfortable, given the touring friendly ergonomics and superior side mounted monoshock. The petal disc brakes on the ER-6n too provide a better feedback on application, against the conventional disc brakes on the GT650R.


2015 Hyosung GT650N High Quality
- image 516772

The Hyosung GT650N is not a new name in the Indian two wheeler market, given the fact that it was the first middleweight naked motorcycle to be fully assembled and launched in the Indian market. But sadly, it couldn’t cash on this opportunity, due to its erstwhile few shortcomings related to brand perception and build quality.

But in the recent years, the competition has moved much far ahead, and it is the negligence of Hyosung towards the GT650N which is costing the motorcycle a lot. The GT650N has a lot more potential to give other bikes of its class a run for their money, but sadly the minimal updates to the motorcycle make it feel very dated.

The engine on the GT650N, though, is a treat for the enthusiasts who love to rev the bike near the redline, but the overall refinement levels still have some room for improvement. The ride quality is decent too, and is a practical bike to live with on a daily usage basis. The only life savior for the GT650N, in our opinion, is its price tag – the GT650N is available at a very justifiable price point of Rs. 4.12 lakh, making it a very good deal, only if you are on a tight budget. If you have a deeper pocket with a slightly more dough, we advise you to look ahead of the GT650N, as there are now much better options available in the market.

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