The most powerful motorcycle of its segment

The CB-Hornet was the last bike that was launched by Honda in the year 2015 and it has been launched to take on the likes of the Yamaha FZ and the Suzuki Gixxer which has created their very own identity in the 150 cc segment and has been attracting the young generations of the Country. Compared to the Gixxer and the FZ the Hornet 160 R is the most powerful motorcycle here.

The Honda CB-Hornet 160 R not only is powerful but looks impressive too at the same time and the extra 10-12 cc displacement is the reason behind all that extra power. The CB Hornet 160 R comes from the stable of one of the most popular two wheeler manufacturer of India who is known for their engine refinement and technology.

The CB-Hornet 160 R definitely looks muscular and the massive and brawny rear wheels and the muscular tank speaks for it but does it have what it takes to compete with some other tough competitors of its segment? I was able to get my hands on this new motorcycle and was able to push the bike to its limits. Below provided is an exclusive review of the new street naked sports motorcycle from Honda.

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2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Honda
  • Model: CB
  • Displacement: 162 cc
  • Top Speed: 110 mph
  • Price: INR 84400


2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522055
2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522058
2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522056

Honda definitely wanted their new product to work and thus they have left no stones unturned to make the Hornet 160 an attractive looking product. The sharp looking headlamps with the twin pilot lamps and the indicators positioned on top definitely looks stylish, there is also this little plastic visor finished in matt black with the letter Honda written on it. Just behind the bikini fairing you will find an all digital instrument cluster which is the same unit that you all have already seen on the Honda Trigger and the CB Unicorn 160. The instrument cluster consists of a rev meter, a clock, a trip and odometer and obviously a speedometer. The digits are easy to read and the light background color of the speedometer does not cause too much of a problem while reading the numbers.

The fuel tank is definitely the most muscular looking thing that you will find in the Hornet 160 flanked by a 3D Honda logo. The fuel tank also has this fake carbon fiber covering on top which definitely is something new and definitely looks appealing. The extended tank shroud all adds to the muscular appeal of that motorcycle. Both the rider as well as the pillion seats looks and feels comfortable, the split grab rails at the back too comes in handy. Leave all that and the last thing that will definitely attract anyone’s attention is the ‘X’ shaped LED taillamps. What I absolutely loved about the motorcycle is the fact that it came with broader 140 section rear tyres which not only gives it a big bike feel but also enhances the confidence of the rider.

Overall the Honda Hornet 160 looks brawny ripped and muscular and definitely does not look boring from any angle.


Length 2041 mm
Width 783mm
Height 1067mm
Wheel Base 1345 mm
Ground Clearance 164 mm
Kerb Weight 140 (STD) / 142(CBS)
Fuel Tank Capacity 12.0 L


2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522059

This is definitely the most important part of any motorcycle and for all your information the Hornet 160 is powered by a four stroke, single cylinder, carbureted, air cooled, 162.71cc engine which is capable of producing about 15.8 PS of peak power and 14.76 Nm of torque which also makes this motorcycle the most powerful naked streetfighter of its segment. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual transmission.

Talking about power as you all can expect the Hornet 160 has a smooth revving engine which definitely is the biggest advantage of buying a Honda motorcycle. I rode the motorcycle with a pillion and on some of the steepest slopes of the mountain and although the motorcycle was not exactly happy about it but for once also it did not let us down. The gearbox was smooth but I would have been more happy if the gearbox was smoother. I also got a chance to push the motorcycle hard and it was revving happily upto speeds of 70-75 kmph mark but then vibrations started to creep in from the engine which actually made me lower the speed to keep the engine happy. However for a 150 cc motorcycle, the Hornet 160 does a pretty good job in keeping the riders happy. There is enough power once you cross the 3000 rev mark but there is an absolute blank space in between 2500-3000 rpm mark which is bit disappointing. You have to work with the gears to keep this engine in the ‘happy’ rev range. But the engine itself is a workhorse because I have ridden the motorcycle in some of the toughest roads and although it was a new motorcycle but for once the engine never gave up. The engine is also BSIV compliant which will come into effect from the year 2017 onward. According to Honda the engine has been fitted with counter-balancer as well which promises to reduce vibrations at higher rpms. I was able to push the motorcycle to speeds of 90 kmph with a pillion which does tell that this is one seriously powerful motorcycle.


Type Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Cylinder Capacity 162.71 cc
Max Net Power 11.68 kW @8500 rpm
Max Net Torque 14.76 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Bore 57.30 mm
Stroke 63.09 mm
Compression Ratio 10:01
Air Filter Type Viscous Paper Filter
Starting Method Self


2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522063

Coming to the ride and handling factor of the motorcycle, the Hornet 160 comes fitted with telescopic suspension towards the front and monoshock suspension setup for its rear. The motorcycle was able to handle bumps and bruises quite well however the bigger bumps was easily felt in the pillion seat. But if you consider the Hornet 160 for long rides then this motorcycle definitely won’t disappoint anyone. The Honda Hornet 160 also comes with dual disc brakes for both its front and rear wheels along with combi braking system but it also gets a variant which comes with front disc and rear drum brakes. I got my hands on the second variant and I would say the brakes were quite impressive but at some point of time I also wished that there was a rear disc brake as well.

The motorcycle is built around a diamond frame chassis which actually makes the Hornet 160 R quite maneuverable and you can actually throw this motorcycle at any corner and the Hornet actually responds to your calls. The biggest advantage in the handling department is definitely the broader tyres at its rear, the Nylogrip zapper tyres are definitely grippy and gives you confidence on any kind of road.


2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522051

The Honda CB-Hornet 160 R as already mentioned above is available in two variants, the standard and the CBS variant. The standard variant is priced at Rs. 79,900 while the more premium CBS variant is priced at Rs. 84,400 which actually makes this motorcycle the most expensive in its segment.

The Honda CB-Hornet 160 R is also available in in five different color options which include Pearl Night Star Black, Pearl Siren Blue, Sports Red, Pearl Amazing White and Neo Orange Metallic.



2014 Suzuki Gixxer
- image 508929

The biggest rival for the Honda Hornet 160 is definitely the Suzuki Gixxer which has helped Suzuki to once again come into the limelight. The Suzuki Gixxer is their latest offering which is powered by four stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, 155cc engine. This engine makes about 14.8 PS of power and 14 Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual transmission. As already mentioned above the bigger displacement engine has actually helped the Hornet 160 to stay on top of the list when it comes to power.


2015 Honda CB-Hornet 160 R- DRIVEN Exterior
- image 522062

The Honda Hornet 160 is definitely one really impressive motorcycle. I got an opportunity to spend 3 days with the motorcycle and what I learned about this motorcycle is that this definitely has one of the most refined engine in its class. The motorcycle is rev happy and is extremely happy upto speeds of 70 km/h mark then after the vibrations starts to creep in. The broader rear tyres gives the rider confidence to push the motorcycle hard into corners which is also one of the biggest advantage for this machine. Offcourse! The inclusion of combi braking system is a huge advantage for this motorcycle however the drum brakes too is quite effective. The only negative thing about this motorcycle is its poor quality headlamps which definitely lacks the illumination that you require during long rides. Everything else is just impressive about the motorcycle.

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  • * Headlamps
  • * Vibrations at higher speeds
  • * Slightly expensive

Honda CB Hornet 160R

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