A Motorcycle which helds our heads high gets a complete makeover

Bajaj surely knows how to keep their customers happy by providing them interesting and completely different products. We have seen them launch the new generation Pulsars not so long ago which has been ruling the entry level sporstbike segment of the Country. Not so long ago the same popular two wheeler maker introduced the Bajaj V.

The Bajaj V attracted huge attention because it engraved the metal of INS Vikrant which was one of the greatest warships of India used in some of the most significant battle. What else also attracted the attention is the fact that the Bajaj V which actually has been positioned in between the Discover and the Pulsar series looked nothing like a daily commuter. As a matter of fact this shares lot of resemblance with a cruiser and a café racer because of its unique styling. The low seat height, the extra seat cowl for the pillion seat, the throaty exhaust sound really caught the attention.

We already rode the motorcycle and also provided you our impression of that motorcycle but recently we also came to know that a Hyderabad based custom motorcycle builders has actually customized the Bajaj V and transformed it completely. This thing definitely looks wicked Find out everything about thr customized Bajaj V whose new paint scheme surely will blow your mind.

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  • 2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Displacement:
    149 cc
  • Top Speed:
    62 mph (Est.)


2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
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2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
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2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
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Eimor customs has decided not to mess with the overall design of the Bajaj V instead what they did is they have gives it some serious amount of paint scheme to make this particular motorcycle one unique looking one. What Eimor customs really did is that they have actually painted the entire V in Battlefield gray which has actually given it a warship type character and appearance. Moreover the engine has also been painted in Black to actually resemble the underbelly of the battleship.

Apart from all that there has been some tremendous amount of paint brush work that has been done on the fuel tank as well. The fuel tank gets painted INS Vikrant sailing on water which actually reminds you of its old glory days. The actual number of the original ship which was R11 has been inscribed on the front fender along with the Indian flag. While towards both the sides of the tank the year of the service has also been painted.

Eimor customs has actually dedicated this motorcycle to the war heroes and also to those who have actually made the INS Vikrant such a successful soldier.
Overall the customized INS Vikrant definitely looks unique; the attention to detail is simply mesmerizing. What is even more interesting is also the fact that it also comes with a customized helmet as well which also has been painted almost like a battletank color only.


2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
- image 522514

Eimor customs actually have not messed much with the powertrain at all and thus this customized Vikrant too gets all its power from the same stock, 149.5 cc DTS-i single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke engine which is able to produce about 12 Hp of peak power at 7, 500 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 5, 500 rpm. The engine is paired to a 5 speed gearbox.

As already mentioned above the engine definitely may not produce huge amount of power but there is enough amount of torque which actually helps you to overtake other vehicles easily in city traffic. This motorcycle is a commuter and is meant for city rides only however the disappointing factor of the motorcycle regarding its engine is gearbox. The gearbox is not exactly smooth which actually make shifting gears little painstaking.


2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
- image 522516

Eimor Customs has not messed with the suspension setup as well and thus the Customized V15 gets the same telescopic forks towards the front and Twin spring-loaded hydraulic-type, gas charged setup towards its rear. The suspension setup has been setup to soak up some bumps and bruises. The Bajaj V also gets a front disc brake and drum brakes at its rear which actually is very much capable of bringing the motorcycle to a halt.


2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
- image 522517

The prices of this custom Bajaj V15 has not been disclosed by the custom motorcycle builders. However expect it to be priced higher than the stock motorcycle for sure. Afterall a lot of effort and pain has gone behind custom painting the whole motorcycle.


2016 Bajaj V15 By Eimor Custom Exterior
- image 522518

As already mentioned above Eimor customs wanted to dedicate this motorcycle to those war heroes who actually made the Vikrant for what it is today. Offcourse the motorcycle looks unique and one of its kind with that custom paint job moreover the custom painted helmet adds some more bling to it. Unfortunately the custom builders have decided not to mess with the stock engine or suspension setup but a little more power could have spiced things up a bit.

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Source: Eimor Customs

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