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While Bajaj was busy reviving the Pulsar and Discover sub-brands, in the process, it almost neglected one of its bread and butter model Platina, which remained almost unchanged for nearly five years. Still, the sales of Platina somewhat managed to remain consistent, which gave its competitors a reason to take a notice of it. However, while focusing on performance oriented segments, Bajaj almost lost the plot in the entry level 100cc commuter segment by mis-experimenting with the Discover platform, discontinuing the decent selling CT 100 and not paying any attention to the Platina sub-brand.

However, since last couple of years, Bajaj has realized its mistake and has started focusing on the segment which earns them the most number of volumes – that of the 100cc motorcycles. Thus, out goes the slow selling 100cc Discover, the CT 100 has been resurrected after ten long years from the ashes and the Platina was given its first major makeover in 2015 in the form of Platina 100 ES. Now, within a year of its launch, the Platina has given a mild refresh in the form of Platina Comfortec.

As the name suggests, the new variant gets some features and changes which have tried to make the motorcycle much more comfortable than the previous generation motorcycle as well as its competitors. How does the new Platina Comfortec fare in the current era of entry level 100cc commuters? Here’s our comprehensive review of the same:-

2016 Bajaj Platina Comfortec
  • Year: 2016
  • Make: Bajaj
  • Model: Platina
  • Displacement: 102 cc
  • Top Speed: 56 mph
  • Price: INR 42541 (Est.)
  • Price: Entry
  • Overall: 7/10


2016 Bajaj Platina Comfortec Exterior
- image 523142

Although Bajaj has kept the silhouette of the original Platina intact on the new bike, the new Platina receives a host of changes, which somehow manages to differentiate itself from the previous model. It retains the original body panels of the Platina 100 ES launched in 2015, which was introduced as a revamped model of the first generation Platina. However, there is a list of small but noticeable changes which make the motorcycle appear a bit fresher than ever.

On the front, the Platina Comfortec gets the same redesigned front bikini fairing as the Platina 100 ES, which now comes with new decals to make it look newer. In an attempt of making it a bit more basic, the clear lens blinkers have made way for the cheaper orange colored ones.

On moving sideways, the tweaked sleeker fuel tank and side body panels from the previous generation Platina 100 ES have been retained in the Platina Comfortec as well. However, like the front fairing, the fuel tank and body panels too have received fresh new graphics, which though look more basic than before.

The rear remains unchanged with the tail light lifted off from the previous Platina. The body colored single piece pillion grab rail has been replaced by a slightly basic black colored one. Unlike the previous generation model, the new Platina Comfortec comes with a set of more basic grey alloy wheels borrowed from the CT 100, which make the motorcycle feel less premium than before. Even the engine too now comes painted in grey theme. The new exhaust with chrome heat shield from the previous generation model has been carried on from the previous model. The standard foot rests have been replaced by a set of new flatter and larger rubber foot pegs, which go well with the theme of enhancing comfort of the motorcycle.

The instrument console with white background has been lifted off from the previous model as well. The twin-pod console is an all analog unit, which comprises of speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and tell tale lights. Bajaj could have introduced an all new instrument console rather than mildly tweaking this age old unit. The switchgear too is the same as that of the older Platina, which looks like it is built to a cost.

With all these mild cosmetic changes, it seems that Bajaj has taken a step down to make the Platina Comfortec a bit cheaper and appear more entry level than before, thus losing on the premium feel of the previous model.


2016 Bajaj Platina Comfortec Exterior
- image 523143

Rather than continuing with the decade old engine of the CT 100, Bajaj has wisely chosen to opt for the new single-cylinder, two-valve, 102cc DTS-i engine for the Platina Comfortec, which has been carried forward from the previous Platina 100 ES. This engine first came on the Discover 100M, though with a four-valve configuration. Unlike the 99.2cc engine of the first generation Platina, this new engine is vibration-free, with reduced NVH levels and better outputs. Even though the engine has been shared with the previous Platina 100 ES, this very engine on the new Platina Comfortec has been re-tuned to churns out different performance outputs – 8 PS of power and 8.6 Nm of torque – almost 0.2 PS lower than the older model. However, it continues to be mated to a four-speed gearbox.

Bajaj claims a top whack of 90 kmph for the Platina Comfortec, which is commendable for an entry-level 100cc motorcycle. Though, the most astonishing factor of this motorcycle is its fuel efficiency. Like other motorcycles from Bajaj, the Platina Comfortec too is a frugal machine with a claimed fuel efficiency figure of 104 kmpl – almost 7 kmpl more than the previous generation Platina 100 ES, making it the most fuel efficient motorcycle in the country.


2016 Bajaj Platina Comfortec Exterior
- image 523144

It is this particular aspect where Bajaj claims to have made the most significant changes to the motorcycle. Bajaj has made a series of small changes which tend to make the Platina more comfortable than its previous generation model, by a margin of almost 20 per cent.

The Bajaj Platina Comfortec sits on the same tubular single down tube frame as the previous bike. The suspension on the new bike - the front telescopic forks and rear SNS coil springs - is also carried over from the Platina 100 ES, however the front forks are now 20 per cent longer and the rear springs are longer than before as well. The 110mm drum brakes on both ends as well as tyres too are shared with the older model. The five spoke alloy wheels are standard equipment on the bike. Bajaj also claims that the new Platina Comfortec comes with a new spring soft seat, which makes the cushioning slightly better than before. Tipping the weighing scales at 108 kg, the new Platina Comfortec is one of the lightest motorcycles currently on sale in the Indian market.


Bajaj has a track record of launching motorcycles at an astonishing price as compared to its rivals in the market. The Platina Comfortec too is not an exception in this case, as Bajaj has kept the price of the bike competitive when compared to the bikes in its class. The new Platina Comfotec comes in two different variants – kick start and electric start, which are priced at Rs. 42,541 and 44,554 respectively. Both the variants are offered in three color options – Red, Black and Blue.


Even being the least frilled, the entry-level 100cc commuter is the most crucial segment for all the manufacturers as far as sales are concerned. Though all the companies have potent offerings in this segment, the most contemporary and apt rival for the new Bajaj Platina 100 ES is the Hero HF Deluxe.

Hero HF Deluxe

2015 Hero HF Deluxe High Quality
- image 512871

The HF Deluxe has been existing in the market for nearly the same period as the Platina, but remains to be one of the freshest bikes in the segment. There is nothing much to differentiate between both the motorcycles as far as design is concerned, however, in terms of performance and fuel efficiency, it is the Platina Comfortec which leads the front. Also, with all these minute changes which Bajaj has carried out to make the Platina more comfortable, makes it a better motorcycle out of the two when it comes to performing daily duties.


2016 Bajaj Platina Comfortec Exterior
- image 523145

With the Platina Comfortec, Bajaj may not have come up with a revolutionary new Platina or a 100cc motorcycle with some other random name, but its mild efforts in livening up the motorcycle seem to be sincere. The new changes carried out to enhance the comfort level of the motorcycle as well as increasing the fuel efficiency without bumping up the price when compared to the previous model shows that the new Platina Comfortec appears to be a deal as sweet as the previous generation Platina. By keeping the new Platina Comfotec close to the heels of the previous Platina, Bajaj will still attract the potential customers of the Platina as well as will attract new customers with its incredible value for money proposition.

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