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When Bajaj introduced the NS200, it was an instant hit! I still remember going to the Bajaj showroom several times just to get a glance of that motorcycle. That muscular fuel tank, ‘Autobot’ inspired headlamps, that cheeky looking rear tail portion, nitrox monoshock shock absorbers and not to forget the underbelly exhaust, everything was just perfectly crafted giving it an aggressive character and also justifying Bajaj’s old tag “Definitely Male”. Then it was the technology that it offered. The NS200 was the first budget performance motorcycles to offer a liquid cooled engine, then offcourse! There was the triple spark technology. Everything about this motorcycle was new to the Indian customers back in 2012.

Skip to year 2015, the motorcycle scenario has also changed completely we now have plenty of new offerings from different two wheeler manufacturers. Motorcycle enthusiast now has better options to choose from if they have a flexible budget.

But think deeply! For those who are looking for an entry level performance motorcycle still gets few options in their hand. Let me be honest here, we either have the blue eyed boy of this segment the KTM Duke 200 (which according to me is overpriced but stays on top of the list for its performance and offcourse the ‘Austrian’ tag mark. yes! We were always attracted to ‘videshi’ objects) or the old Karizma ZMR (which looks to me that it has tried to lose several pounds and ended up losing its original identity) and then there is the new entrants the Mahindra Mojo and the Benelli TNT250i.

So what about those people who don’t want to spend 1 and half lakh rupees behind an entry level performance motorcycle? well! We have got our very own two wheeler maker Bajaj as our only savior! Their new breed of Pulsars which evolved from the NS200 including the RS200 and the AS200 definitely leaves their mark here. The real spotsbike styling and charisma, the advanced hardware and the powerful engines and the aggressive pricing is what makes this motorcycles crowd favourite.

We have already talked about the RS200 now it’s time to we talk about the AS200 which is just a semi faired variant of the NS200 or there is something more than that?

Yes! I have answered to all your questions, is it better than the Pulsar 220? Can it be used for touring? What is its top speed? Etc but to get all your answers you need to read this review first.

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2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Bajaj
  • Model: Pulsar
  • MPG(Cty): 75.3 (Est.)
  • MPG(Hwy): 82.3 (Est.)
  • Displacement: 199.5 cc
  • Top Speed: 87 mph (Est.)
  • Price: INR 94049 (Est.)


2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521683
2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521681
2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior High Quality
- image 521704

Basically we Indians are ‘show-offs’ and when it comes to motorcycles we will add anything to make our motorcycle look like ‘Hayabusa’. So be it an entry level commuter or a high end motorcycle styling remains on top of the list before we actually think of buying a motorcycle.

So here is the billion dollar question does the new AS200 look good?

Apart from the newly added semi fairing everything else looks identical to the NS200

Quite honestly Styling varies from person to person; while many might say that the AS200 looks out of place I will say it is one of the finest looking motorcycles in its segment. The semi fairing fits perfectly and matches well with its overall styling. The semi fairing houses the projector headlamps as well as the halogen setup (which is definitely new for a motorcycle of this segment). The halogen setup acts as the high beam which definitely provides sufficient amount of light at night while the projector units too do a satisfactory job in lighting the road ahead of you. There are two separate pilot lamps too which with the whole headlamp setup looks good. Coming to the front forks, the front forks looks sturdy and adds meaning to the character of the motorcycle. I have read in many places that the small windscreen deflects some heavy winds but quite honestly I felt all the wind blasts riding at speeds of over 80 km/h. So I would say that the windscreen works for you at lower speeds only. Just behind the semi fairing you will find the muscular tank which definitely adds the Brute character to the motorcycle. The rider seat is well cushioned and you can ride for long distance without much trouble but I have to complain what Bajaj was actually thinking while designing the pillion seats? The Pillion seat is firm and can you give you some bad times if you decide to take a long trip with someone special.

Apart from the newly added semi fairing everything looks identical to the NS200. Oh! And before i forget what else is also new is the mudguard at the rear of the motorcycle which according to me is only odd looking thing on the motorcycle. But offcourse! There is always an option to switch to the old stylish NS rear guard which looks really cool.

Overall the AS200 looks more purposeful with the semi fairing; the headlamp setup which combines both projector and halogen lamps definitely works well at night and perhaps provided the best illumination its segment. The semi fairing although has added all the extra weight to the front but it actually also added more stability at the same time which actually helps during heavy wind blasts while riding on the highways at high speeds.


Length (mm) 2070
Width (mm) 804
Height (mm) 1205
Ground clearance (mm) 167
Wheelbase (mm) 1363
Kerb weight (kg) 153


2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521687

As you are already aware of the fact that the AS200 is powered by the same 199.5 cc, 4 valve liquid cooled, single cylinder engine which powers the NS200. This engine makes about 23.5 ps of peak power at 9500 and 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The unit is paired to a 6 speed gearbox.

The engine is powerful and you don’t usually have to shifts to lower gears while overtaking the power is always there at higher bands

Talk about performance and surely the AS200 does not disappoint when it comes to acceleration. This motorcycle can accelerate quickly from standstill to 60 km/h mark comes in just 5 seconds which is quite impressive for a motorcycle which weighs almost 153 kilos. When pushed hard I saw 127 km/h mark on the speedometer offcourse it can be pushed harder but the wind blast and the vibrations on the foot pegs which starts at speeds of 70 km/h starts to creep on the handlebars as well. Coming to the gearbox it’s true that Bajaj struggled with their gearbox issues for a long time and although the shifts are not buttery smooth but they are not too notchy either. However a smoother gearbox would have taken things to the next level.

The engine is powerful and you don’t usually have to shifts to lower gears while overtaking the power is always there at higher bands but the same thing cannot be said while you are riding in slow moving traffic. You do feel that you need to work the engine well to keep it in power range. However the taller top gears helps makes cruising on higher speeds quite comfortable.


Type Triple spark 4- valve DTS-i engine Liquid cooled
Displacement 199.5
Power 23.5 ps @ 9500 rpm
Torque 18.3 Nm @ 8000 rpm


2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521688
2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521693
2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521692

The AS200 has been fitted with Telescopic with anti friction bush towards the front which works perfectly while the rear has been fitted with Nitrox mono shock absorber with Canister which felt a bit on the stiffer side even after adjusting it to the medium settings. Overall after all the settings the AS200 surely provides a smooth ride but your spine will have to adjust to the jerks that is felt when the motorcycle takes on the bigger potholes. The suspension setup is ideal for long rides until and unless you are looking for the comfort of a cruiser.

One of the most important aspects that I need to talk about are the brakes the AS200 gets 280 mm discs at the front and 230 mm disc at the rear. The front brakes have good bite and easily helps in stopping the motorcycle from high speeds but much cannot be said about the rear brakes push it more than required and it locks the rear wheels which can leave you skidding and ending up displaying stunts for no specific reasons at all. Moreover the stock Eurogrip tyres make things worse. They are durable but really score a ‘big zero’ when it comes to road grip. I can recommend you all to change the stock tyres and go for better sticky tyres from other tyre manufacturers.

The riding posture is slightly aggressive because of the slightly backward positioned footpegs but the longer handlebar might cause some sort of problems if you are actually riding the motorcycle for a long time. Also the turning radius of the Pulsar AS200 is huge mainly due to the semi fairing width so yes! Better be careful while you are actually turning your motorcycle on tight spaces.


2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521686

The Bajaj Pulsar AS200 is priced at 94, 049 (ex showroom Delhi) and is available with only three colour options including Red, Blue and Black.



2015 Bajaj Pulsar 220F High Quality
- image 513089

I have had many queries that which motorcycle is better the AS200 or the Pulsar 220 or which should I buy? Well I can assure that the AS200 is way more powerful than the Bajaj Pulsar 220. The CC does not determine the more powerful motorcycle but the power it produces actually is the real deal. if we talk about power figures Bajaj Pulsar 220 is powered by a 220cc oil cooled, single cylinder engine which produces about 21.05 ps of peak power (AS200 produces 23.5 ps) so there you go my friend you have the answer yes the only advantage that it has over the AS20 is the fact that it is lighter by 2 kilograms and offers a projector headlamps for the high beam also. But you also have to keep in mind that the Pulsar 220 is now an ageing machine. “Let go of the past and learn to grace the changes”.


2015 KTM Duke 200 - Road Test High Quality
- image 519004

If you have all that extra money to spend then you can definitely opt for the more premium KTM Duke 200. Offcourse! It uses the same technology and engine but this engine is smoother thanks to the use of fuel injection. The KTM Duke 200 also produces slightly more power than the AS200. Talk about power figures and the Duke makes about 25 ps of peak power and 19 Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a 6 speed gearbox as well. The Duke also promises to return about 36 Km/l which is quite impressive for a 200 cc performance motorcycle. There is also an option for premium tyres.

Now remember there are many other competitors for the Bajaj AS200 as well in the market including the Karizma ZMR which is an old machine and also offers less power compared to the AS200. The Mahindra Mojo and the Benelli TNT25 are more powerful and premium machines.


2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 : Driven Exterior
- image 521702

So I have actually tested the bike for 7 long days and came to a conclusion that the AS200 definitely is one powerful entry level motorcycle. It has power across the entire rev range but offcourse the taller top gearings means that you actually have to work with the gears constantly while riding in the slow moving city traffic. Moreover the weight of the motorcycle takes a toll on you sometimes when you are manoeuvring the motorcycle without switching on the engine. This motorcycle is tall so if you are a short person then I would recommend you to look for other alternatives. If you are planning for a long tour then the hard seats and the slightly wider clip on handlebars might cause some trouble otherwise this is one perfect touring machine. The engine in particular is a workhorse and loves to munch up miles.

So to end our story I can put an end by saying the Bajaj Pulsar As200 is a powerful, pocket friendly performance oriented entry level motorcycle and definitely is one of the best options available for you in the market today.

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