After making scooters and the likes of Pulsars, Boxers and Calibers, Bajaj made its foray into the 125cc segment of motorcycles with a new brand ‘Discover’ in 2005. Within a short period of time, the 125cc Discover DTS-i strengthened the position of Bajaj in the commuter segment of motorcycles.

With the departure of Chetak scooter in the history books, Bajaj decided to shift its focus only towards motorcycles. The Discover was an apt platform to make Bajaj a strong player in the commuter segments, which is why in the last ten years, the Discover has seen a number of iterations, including of 94cc, 102cc, 112cc, 125cc, 135cc and 150cc.

In the midst of these ten years, the 125cc Discover was discontinued for a short time and relaunched again in the Indian market, considering the rising demand of 125cc motorcycles in India. After a number of versions, the 125cc motorcycle has spawn into an all new generation model, and has been named as Discover 125 M. What all newness does this latest 125cc Discover boasts of? Let’s find out.

2015 Bajaj Discover 125 M
  • Year: 2015
  • Model: Bajaj Discover
  • Top Speed: 62 mph (Est.)
  • Price: INR 53463 (Est.)


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 M
- image 512459

The Discover 125 M is one of the four models of the new generation of Discovers currently on sale, and has been positioned in between the Discover 100 M and Discover 150 S in the lineup. The motorcycle is designed on the lines of the now-discontinued models, Discover 125 T and Discover 125 ST, but as compared to the latter two models which were positioned on the premium end of 125cc segment, the Discover 125 M has been scaled down to keep costs in check.

On the fronts of design and shape of body panels, the Discover 125 M completely mimics the smaller Discover 100 M, which may come as a disappointment to many. But since the Discover 100 M itself is positioned and feels as a premium 100cc motorcycle, the fact that both the motorcycles are identical isn’t that a bad perception.
The front bikini fairing with the rakish headlamp and small tinted visor above it resembles the face of the Discover 100 M. The same goes for the good-looking fuel tank, side body cowls, rear side body panels, stepped tail lamp, front and rear fenders as well.

There are almost no changes in dimensions of all these body panels over those of the Discover 100 M, which may confuse a majority of the prospective buyers. However, the ‘125 M’ badge on either sides of the rear side body panels is the only distinguishing visual aspect between both the Discover 100 M and Discover 125 M.
The all analog instrument console has also been borrowed from the Discover 100 M, which consists of a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and basic tell tale lights, and are arranged in the same distinctive manner as on the unit of Discover 100 M. It would have been nice if Bajaj had chosen for a digital panel for fuel gauge and odometer, like in the current Discover 150 F.

The switchgear and palm grips on the Discover 125 M too have been sourced from the Discover 100 M, which seems to be obsolete for this segment. Rest assured, the Discover 125 M assures you of being a high quality motorcycle with good levels of fit and finish.


Under the identical skin of the Discover 100 M, the Discover 125 M is bolstered with a single cylinder, air cooled, 4-valve, twin spark, 124.6cc DTS-i engine. The engine is essentially a bored out version of the 102cc engine of the Discover 100 M, which results in higher power and torque outputs of 11.5 PS and 10.8 Nm respectively. The engine comes paired to a four-speed gearbox.

Being a commuter, a majority of the chunk of the power of Discover 125 M lies in the mid-range, which makes it a motorcycle which is at home equally on both in city traffic as well as open highways. On the front of refinement, this engine is a huge improvement over the 125cc engines of the previous Discovers, with minimal vibrations. Bajaj claims a top speed of 100 kmph and a fuel efficiency figure of 76 kmpl for Discover 125 M, making it a perfect balance of performance and economy.


The Discover 125 M is equipped with the same suspension setup as that of the Discover 100 M - telescopic hydraulic forks at the front and gas-charged NitroX coil springs at the rear. The 17-inch spider-web 10-spoke alloy wheels are also taken from the Discover 100 M, wearing the same set of tyres of its 100cc counterpart - 2.75 x 17” at front and 3.00 x 17” at rear. Again, like the Discover 100 M, this 125cc motorcycle too has been given 130 mm drum brakes on both the ends, with an option of a 200 mm petal disc brake at the front.


Bajaj is offering the Discover 125 M in two variants - one which comes with drum brake at front and the other which comes with a front disc brake as standard. While the drum brake variant has been priced at Rs. 51,274, the disc brake variant bears a more premium price tag of Rs. 53,463 (both prices Ex-showroom, Delhi). The electric start and alloy wheels are provided as a part of the standard equipment.

The Discover 125 M is available in seven color options - Charcoal Green, Charcoal Magenta, Electron Blue, Silver Gold, Silver Blue and Wine Red.


Even after being a high quality 125cc motorcycle, the Bajaj Discover 125 M’s price positions it in the lower end of the 125cc segment of premium commuters. The motorcycle which rivals the Discover 125 M directly with this price point and quality levels is the Hero Super Splendor.

Hero Super Splendor

2010 Hero Motocorp Super Splendor
- image 504438

In terms of feel and size, the Hero Super Splendor seems to be a bigger motorcycle than the Discover 125 M. The 125cc warhorse from Hero gets its thrust from a 124.7cc single cylinder, air cooled mill, which generates 9.12 PS of power and 10.35 Nm of torque, making the Discover 125 M a much powerful motorcycle in comparison. Fuel efficiency of both the motorcycles, however, do not have much of a difference.

The Discover 125 M also has an advantage of having a superior rear gas-charged suspension and an optional front disc brake, while the Super Splendor does with a conventional hydraulic coil springs at the rear and only a drum brake at the front.


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 M
- image 512460

With this new generation model, the Bajaj Discover 125 M has evolved gracefully over the previous generation 125cc models of the Discover. The bike looks contemporary from every angle, but the fact that it completely resembles its 100cc cousin robs off the sense of ingenuity from the motorcycle. Bajaj could have brought a couple of additional features or minute changes, at least in graphics, to differentiate both the motorcycles.

In the 125cc segment of motorcycles to which it belongs, the engine on the Discover 125 M is easily the most powerful and technologically advances with the 4-valve and two spark plug setups. To sum it up, the Discover 125 M comes with a very sensible price which retains the ‘value for money’ tag the previous Discovers were blessed with.

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