The Bajaj Discover family has seen a lot of action ever since its inception in the year 2005 with the launch of Discover 125. After trying all the possible permutations and combinations, the sub-brand of Bajaj, the Discover family has seen various types of motorcycles ranging from 110cc to 150cc. In the course of time, Bajaj also introduced the all new generation models of Discover with more upmarket design and technology.

But the truth is the volume generator among all these models was the very first model of this family – Discover 125. Due to the confusing strategy of Bajaj of launching and then simultaneously discontinuation of models, the Discover 125 was discontinued a couple of years to make way for the Discover 125 M.

But since the sales of this new generation 125cc Discover 125 M haven’t been as enthusiastic as per the expectations of Bajaj, the company has relaunched the previous generation Discover 125 with some aesthetic as well as mechanical changes. Here’s a quick readout of what all things do the new Discover 125 possesses.

2015 Bajaj Discover 125
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Bajaj
  • Model: Discover
  • Top Speed: 100 mph
  • Price: INR 52002


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514265
2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514263
2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514262

At first, you will instantly feel that the new Discover 125 is exactly the same model which was discontinued some two years ago. But look closer, and you will find the minute but subtle changes on the bike which do make the whole difference.

At the front, the familiar jelly bean shaped headlight of the Discover with a U-shaped tinted visor above it have been retained for the new model as well. The headlamp also comes with a set of two pilot lamps on both the upper corners of the main headlamp unit. Though the fairing which surrounds the headlamp now get a new set of graphics. As before, the turn indicators are positioned much below the headlamp, and the rear view mirrors have also been borrowed from the previous generation model.

When viewed from the sides, the new Discover retains the fuel tank, side body cowls and rear side body panels as well. But they all now come with fresher graphics to keep up with the changing times. This new Discover 125 also comes with a more premium 3-D logo of ‘Discover’ on the fuel tank.

But unlike the previous model, the 5-spoke alloy wheels as well as the engine are finished in grey color, which makes it look dated and makes it feel as if it belongs to one segment below. The rear of the Bajaj Discover 125 carries forward the same minimalist design with the stepped LED tail lamp and the clear lens turn indicators mounted below it.

The instrument console of the new Bajaj Discover 125 is also the same two-pod analog unit of the erstwhile Discover 125, but comes with a slightly different striping job within those two pods. The unit consists of an analog speedometer, odometer and trip meter in the left pod and the fuel gauge in the right one. The tell tale lamps are placed in two separate housings below these two pods, which has been a trademark design of the Discover. The switchgear has been shared with the other commuter models of Bajaj, which now feel dated and flimsy.


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514264

Bajaj chose to avoid the highly advanced four stroke, single cylinder, four valve, 124.6cc DTS-i engine of the new Discover 125 M for this reborn model of the Discover 125. Instead, it has fitted the same old four stroke, single cylinder, 2 valve, 124.6cc DTS-i engine of the erstwhile Discover 125.

Bajaj hasn’t changed the internals of this engine much, which is why it still delivers 11 PS of power and 10.8 Nm of torque. But the new engine is now mated to a five speed gearbox, which comes with different ratios as compared to before. The new gearing now makes the bike equally tractable for both the city commutes as well as highway duties.

The engine is torquey and gutsy even at higher rpms, but on the front of refinement, it still trails behind the likes of Honda and Yamaha. Bajaj claims a top speed of 100 kmph for this bike, while it is capable of squeezing out a fuel economy of 70-75 kmpl in the rear world conditions.


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514268

The Bajaj Discover 125 borrows the suspension setup of conventional hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and gas charged hydraulic coil springs at the rear, from the previous Discover 125. There was nothing to complain about this suspension combination, which still succeeds in delivering a plush ride quality for short city rides as well as long highway trips.

One big change on the new Discover 125 is the addition of a wider 100/90x17 tyre at the rear, which makes the ride quality and stability even better. The bike comes with a 200mm disc brake at the front and a 130mm drum brake at the rear. The braking is quite adequate for a bike of this size.


Bajaj has always hit the sweet spot when it comes to pricing its motorcycles. But here, it has gone a bit too optimistic. The Discover 125 is priced at Rs. 52,002, which makes it feel a bit on the pricey side, considering the fact that the much more premium Discover 125 M costs only two grands more than it.

The Bajaj Discover 125 is available in only one variant, which comes with alloy wheels, electric starter and front disc brake as standard equipment. The bike is offered in four different color options – Ebony Black with Deep Red Graphics, Ebony Black with Blue Graphics, Electron Blue and Flame Red.


The Bajaj Discover 125 belongs to the lower end of the 125cc segment, which recently has seen the addition of the Yamaha Saluto as well. Compared to the Discover 125, the Yamaha Saluto is an all new motorcycle which is built on a completely different platform and ideology when putting against the rest of the Yamaha’s motorcycles.

Yamaha Saluto

2015 Yamaha Saluto
- image 512299

When both the motorcycles are put against each other, the Saluto is the winner with more contemporary styling, well chiseled body panels and blackened engine and alloy wheels. It feels much more premium and well built when compared to the Discover 125, which feels like it is a decade old motorcycle (which it actually is!).
The Yamaha Saluto comes with a four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 125cc engine which pumps out 8.3 PS of power and 10.1 Nm of torque. Unlike the five speed gearbox on the Discover 125, the Saluto comes with a four speed gearbox. The power and torque outputs of the Saluto feel much lesser than that of the Discover 125 on paper, but on the go, the mill of the Saluto is much more refined and smooth than the Discover 125’s engine.

When it comes to ride quality and fuel efficiency, both the motorcycles perform equally well, but thanks to the Yamaha’s DNA of making motorcycles rich in dynamics, the handling of Saluto is better than that of the Discover 125. With now the option of bigger 240mm front disc brake, braking on the Saluto is also quite better than that on the Discover 125.


2015 Bajaj Discover 125 High Quality
- image 514269

Bajaj has managed to give the Discover 125 a rebirth, in order to capture the sales numbers which it has lost to its competitors. The process may just be of a minor facelift, but with the Discover 125, the buyers now have even more options to choose from. The proven aspects of Discover 125 make it a good companion on two wheels, though Bajaj could have cashed on the opportunity by giving the Discover 125 a couple of all new features. With the strong points of high fuel efficiency and comfortable ride quality in its sides, the Bajaj Discover 125 is a brilliant commuter if you prefer function over anything else.

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