The brand ‘Discover’ has seen a lot of iterations in the past decade since its inception in 2005. Starting as a 125cc motorcycle, the Discover has spawn into a number of versions, with the latest brigade of the brand being the all new generation models ranging between 100cc to 150cc.

The range starting model of the current generation of Discovers, Discover 100 M, is the oldest model of the current Discover lineup. The Discovers have always been regarded as true value for money products, which offer you the most bang for your buck. The Discover 100 M, in that sense, promises to be no different machine.

Currently, the flagship 100cc motorcycle of Bajaj’s product portfolio, the Discover 100 M was the model which did shut all the rumors of Bajaj exiting from the 100cc segment. With its premium packaging at a much more affordable package, the Discover 100 M challenges the current crop of both 100 as well as 110cc motorcycles. Here’s a quick review of Bajaj’s most premium 100cc motorcycle, Discover 100 M.

2015 Bajaj Discover 100 M
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Bajaj
  • Model: Discover
  • Top Speed: 56 mph
  • Price: INR 48210


2015 Bajaj Discover 100 M
- image 512281

The Bajaj Discover 100 M borrows its styling cues from the Discover 100 T, which was launched as the first model of the new generation of Discovers currently on sale. Though the Discover 100 M clearly appears to be a one scale below the Discover 100 T, evident from the dimensions of the motorcycle.

The front fairing with a rakish headlamp and incorporated twin pilot lamps gives the Discover 100 M a sharp face, which makes it one of the most aggressive faces among its 100-110cc peers. The headlamp is accompanied with a small tinted visor above it, which rounds up the headlamp cluster.

The curvaceous fuel tank of the previous generation model of the Discover 100 has evolved into a larger and more contemporary unit. The side body cowls have a flow of simplicity to them, but are not bland. The rear side body panels are chunky, which end up in a tail lamp with stepped pattern, which has an LED-like lighting pattern.
A silver finished single piece pillion grab rail rounds up rear profile of the bike. The graphics on the fuel tank and body panels doesn’t seem to be overdone, making the Discover 100 M a handsome looking motorcycle which appears to be one segment above.

The instrument console is another trait of the Discover 100 M, which makes it stand apart from the simple looking units of other bikes in comparison. An all analog unit, the console consists of a speedometer and odometer on the left, with a trapezoidal panel housing basic tell tale lamps in it. The fuel gauge sits in another panel above the tall tail lamps.

The rear view mirrors are the most good looking and functional ones in the segment. So are the 10-spoke spider web alloy wheels at both the ends, which look inspired from those of the Kawasaki motorcycles. With the Discover 100 M, Bajaj has improved the fit and finish levels of the motorcycle by a huge margin. Though the switchgear is the same one which was present in the first generation Discover launched some ten years ago, which is a bit of disappointment.


This is one particular space where the Bajaj Discover 100 M is miles ahead of its competitors, in terms of technology, power as well as fuel efficiency. Powering the Discover 100 M is a single cylinder, air cooled, 102cc DTS-i engine, which is the only engine in this segment which has four valves and twin spark plugs in it.

Coupled to a four speed gearbox, this stressed engine pumps out the best in class power and torque outputs of 9.3 PS and 9.02 Nm respectively, which not only betters all the other 100-110cc offerings in the market, but also gives some of the 125cc engines a run for their money. However, the high power and torque unit haven’t taken a toll to its fuel efficiency, as Bajaj claims a mileage of 84 kmpl for the Discover 100 M.


The Bajaj Discover 100 M also comes with a potent combination of suspension and braking. The bike is equipped with hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and gas-charged NitroX coil springs at the rear. The 17-inch alloy wheels come shod with 2.75 x 17” tyre at the front and 3.00 x 17” tyre at the rear. Though the tyres aren’t tubeless, which is a glaring absence considering the competition has upped the game by offering tubeless tyres. Though the bike comes with drum brakes as standard on both the wheels, an option of a 200mm petal disc is also offered for a premium charge.


The Discovers have always been renowned for the astonishing value they offer for the price they ask. Keeping up with the tradition, Bajaj has priced the Discover 100 M pretty aggressively at Rs. 48,210 for the drum brake variant and Rs. 49,739 for the disc brake variant. In both the variants, Bajaj is offering the alloy wheels as well as electric starter as standard features.

The motorcycle is offered in five color options - Brilliant Blue, Flame Red, Midnight Black and Blue, Midnight Black and Olive and Midnight Black and Red.


With its highly advanced engine and high levels of fit and finish, the Bajaj Discover 100 M is designed to cater to those customers who are looking for the affordability and efficiency of 100cc motorcycles, but with a pinch of premium-ness.

TVS Star City+

2014 TVS Star City Plus
- image 507617

The TVS Star City+ comes very close to the prowess which the package of Discover 100 M offers. Both the motorcycles are on par with each other in terms of pricing, but their characters do differ.

Compared to the Discover 100 M, the engine of the Star City + is a bigger unit which displaces 109.7cc, which produces 8.4 PS of power and 8.7 Nm of torque. The Star City + is marginally less powerful than the Discover 100 M, but is slightly more fuel efficient motorcycle than the latter.

While the suspension capability of both the motorcycles are almost equal, the Discover 100 M gets an optional front disc brake, which TVS doesn’t offers on the Star City+.


2015 Bajaj Discover 100 M
- image 512282

With the Discover 100 M, Bajaj has successfully managed to evolve the previous generation model into a more modern commuter. Make no mistake, the motorcycle is an all new model, with stylish and muscular design making it look more contemporary over the other bread and butter models in this segment.

Technologically, the 102cc engine, with which it is blessed, is by far the most advanced engine, offering both perky performance even after being very fuel efficient. The bike is also fairly kitted for the segment it belongs. Summing all of these, the Discover 100 M, in a typical Bajaj fashion, is a pure value which is hard to match by its rivals in the 100-110cc segment.

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