Number of women motorcyclists are rising in India in recent times

Motorcycling is for men, not for women; well that is a general concept around the world, specially in India. While the rest of the world is rapidly coming out of stereotypical mindset about women motorcyclists, in India the women motorcycling is still not a familiar issue.

Many women aspire to ride motorcycles like Royal Enfields, even Harley Davidson and many other brands. But instead they don’t get to fulfill their dreams sometime due to family, sometime due to society. Rather the scootys are seen as the ideal ride for women. Although in recent times the wheel is rolling, and the number of women motorcyclists are rising in the country. Sometime they are daring to intercontinental motorcycle trips as well, which is a really encouraging fact for the women aspiring to ride motorcycles. Here is a video which shows the questions Indian women faces while riding motorcycles. It’s funny, but it’s fact.

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