At the age where you start learning to talk, this kid already knows how to race and stunt on motorcycles.

What did you do when you were 4 years old? I’m sure you can’t even remember nor will this kid from Ukraine. But the whole world already knows that he rides motorbikes better than most riders on the streets now. he not only rides them, he participates in racing and stunt competitions.

Watch this 4 year old give a complex to most bikers.
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Yes, this kid you see here is 4 years old and he is called Tima Kuleshov. Coming from Kiev, Ukraine, this kid started riding bikes(cycles) when he was not even 2 years of age. He started participating in bicycle competitions and often took first place. Six months later, he graduated to riding his very first mini motorbike!

After he turned 3, this little daredevil took part in children’s motorbike competition where there weren’t any competition for him in his native in Ukraine. It’s a great pity, to be honest. Tima also has his name in the Ukrainian Book of Records as the "Youngest motorcyclist in Ukraine".

Watch this 4 year old give a complex to most bikers.
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Now, this swashbuckler owns his own balance bike, bicycle, motorcycle and quad bike. his most prized possession is his 75 kph motorcycle, something that his parents admit that it does worry them. Dad Alexander says, ‘yes, we are worried that he is riding a motorcycle, but in this life, a bad thing can happen regardless of who you are or what you are doing!’

After all, this talent is for all bragging. But not Tima. his parents say ‘He loves speed and attention, just like every child, but he does not brag to anyone, Tima does not even say that he is a motorcyclist.’

Watch this kid have the time of his life and getting the tastes of intoxication which he is going to cherish his entire life now.

This should be enough motivation for an entire year.

Sagar Patil
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