Royal Enfields are the most trusted motorcycles in the mighty Himalayan terrains for the travellers

Royal Enfields are known as the most popular and best affordable cruiser motorcycles. In summertime in the region of Lahaul, Spiti, Ladakh many travellers and tourists go to visit and experience the pristine natural beauty of the Himalayan region. Although most of the people love to travel in cars, some choose a bit more adventurous way. They take motorcycle rides, and when it comes to motorcycles, Royal Enfields are the best companions they trust on.

Here is a video story of two friends who visited the mighty Ladakh region by motorcycle, and they also trusted the Royal Enfields. The well capable engines, rigid body of the Enfields are perfectly capable to take the stress of the long journey on those treacherous and rugged Himalayan roads. These guys got flat tyres, muddy roads, but they kept going, and all thanks go to the mighty Royal Enfields. They covered a total of 2086 kilometers in 20 days in the Himalayan region of Northern India with their Royal Enfields they rented from Manali. Check out their amazing journey.

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