This NS 200 is a discotheque in its own term

Character. It’s a hard-to-define quality but when it comes to motorcyclists, this compelling argument for the immeasurable is a no-brainer. Take a look at his bike and then you will understand everything about that person. Maybe even which song he sings in the shower. The whole story.

This Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 tells you one such story. A story of full show and lights.

The wackiest mod ever done on a Pulsar
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The wackiest mod ever done on a Pulsar
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The American and British brands are busy making their motorcycle look like the 70’s and 80s’, while the Italians are busy checking out each other’s outfits to make sure they are the snappiest dresser. The Indian ones, on the other hand, are trying out everything there is in the book and are occupied with satisfying the masses. Then there is another breed of builders who take what is given to them and create art and music out of it.

But sometimes, it is all noise. All to grab eyeballs at them and shout to the world that they exist. Like it was important for the human race to know of their existence.

Just like this Pulsar NS 200. Although it is an Indian bike, it is sold in many countries around the globe, and this find is from El Salvador.

If having strobe lights all around the bike wasn’t enough, this chap has pimped his bike with having a full blown music system with an in-buit sub woofer boxed in place of the pillion rider. LED lights glow from every nook and corner of the machine which sure is a synosure.

Would you want your ride to be turned like this?? What do you have to say about this?

Sagar Patil
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