In about a week, we will have a four pot Ducati showcasing.

It’s no new story to begin here. Ducatithemselves have been pretty vocal about their newfound love for a four cylinder version of their street bikes which will most probably change the whole dimension within the segment.

True to their ways of naming, the Italians have named it as the Desmosedici Stradale engine, and it is going to replace the Superquadro twin-cylinder which is having its final run on the mighty 1299 Panigale R Final Edition. It will be put on showcase at the Misano World Circuit on Thursday, 7th September 2017.

The buzz around Ducati's V4 Desmosedici Stradale.
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In four days from now, Ducati is setting up stage for the next big thing churned out of Bologna that is believed to annihilate anything in the litre class superbike segment. And calling it as Desmosedici Stradale, you know how serious these guys are.

Ducati’s already runs a 90-degree V-four cylinder plant with desmodromic valves on their MotoGP bike and is called as Desmosedici.The same name is now carried on to their new engine that will fit onto the street version’s frame. And ’Stradale’ simply means ’road’ in Italian.

The V4 engine will also borrow cues from the Superquadro v-twin engine design elements to get the right packaging and balance. Ducati will also make use of the current “frameless” chassis design that has the headstock, swingarm, and rear subframe attached directly to the engine mounts.

Sounding similar to Aprilia’s RSV4, this V4 from Ducati will also make use of the “big bang” or “long bang” firing of its cylinders replacing the "twin-pulse" of the L-Twin engines.

We have already seen the V4 Superbike snapped testing on the streets with full test equipment and light camouflaging. We figure that the single-sided swingarm and the underslung exhaust unit remain similar to the current Panigale and the Superleggera.

The buzz around Ducati's V4 Desmosedici Stradale.
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Other mechanical elements cannot be verified for sure, but it looks like this V4 superbike will make use of Ohlins semi-active electronic forks up-front and a conventionally mounted rear shock unit. Expect all kinds of electronic rider aids and rider modes to be made available to the rider to hoon the new power made available on the Italian machine.

It will not only be seen on just one model but an entire lineup of high-powered motorcycles Ducati plans to unleash onto the world streets. With this, the comapny wants to reconquer their Wold Superbike dreams along with the recent success in their MotoGP stint.

Ducati's new V-4 Superbike gets snapped testing.
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Because of this, we can also be assertain that Ducati will have to price it below 40,000 Euros (₹ 30.5 lakh), to comply with WSBK constitution. And also Ducati will have a V4 street model with a twin-spar chassis along with a single-sided swingarm (as seen on the test mules), again for WSBK.

It will replace the L-twin powered Panigale and become the flag bearer of the Italian company. But that is only going to debut later this year, at the EICMA show in Milan. Until then, the ’new last’ Panigale will remain the flagship.

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