Premium Gin, Harley davidson part and craftsmanship.

For any ardent biker fan who knows the legacy of Harley Davidson has a stimulating news to hold onto. For a hard core Gin fanatic here in the club, has an equally sensational news to be heard. For a biker junkie with an exclusive taste for Gin, this read is a bonanza.

Ladies and gents, we present to you the vision and passion of a man in a bottle of spirit nesting some Harley relics. This relishing product is from one Uwe Ehinger who travels round the globe digging out for old motorbike parts and rebuilding motorcycles as a tribute to the past. This passion and spirit of Uwe Ehinger got him the name ‘The Archaeologist’ and is now honoured with the real spirit in a bottle that proudly boasts premium dry gin.

The Archeologist.
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Ehinger Kraftard is a motorbike custom shop owned by Uwe Ehinger. Famously christened as ‘The Archaeologist’ for his love of old world remnants and the unending biker charm. It is not just any biker charm but is the Harley dream of Mr. Ehinger who has been infected with the notoriously famous classic engine parts to fuel the vision. A vision of a 17-year-old pre-millennial.

That very vision is now translated into a product, ‘The Archaeologist’, a special Gin which bottled the spirit and the rare engine parts like The Knucklehead sourced from South America, The Panhead from South Korea and The Flathead from Mexico, all of which were once a part of a Harley Davidson Motor Bikes spread around the world.

The Archeologist.
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The Archeologist.
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Ehinger’s pursuit in life enabled him to create a masterpiece by combining engine parts and Gin. The inspiration from his endless visits to remote garages across the world along with the constant searches in dilapidated scrapyards and dusty backyards of families enabled the true biker genius to glorify the legend held by Harley Davidson.

Ehinger conceived this idea of an exclusive Gin bottle when he intended to preserve the many relics and remnants of Harley bikes he had accumulated during his many worldwide hunt and travels.

The Archeologist.
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The Archaeologist bears the undeniable signature of Ehinger and his passion for all things old and of course, Harley Davidson. He exuded his classic craftsmanship by packaging these old motorcycle parts in custom made glass bottles with Premium Dry Gin, flavoured with ingredients grown for over 80 years. The spirit of each bottle is flavoured with the 3 engine parts preserved individually in the gin with a tin alloy foodstuff.

Ehinger found this rare 1939 Harley Davidson big Flatheads in a Mexican storage area of discarded military vehicles during his visit to Mexico in 1980. The 1947 Knucklehead was used on a bike in Chile, South America, which was used as a delivery vehicle for a German pharmacist and Uwe couldn’t resist from possessing it while in South America. For the final slot, Uwe found the 1962 Panhead from a gigantic yard which was about to crush a bunch of defunct police motorcycles from the 60s’.

The Archeologist.
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All of them became the engine part that would find its way into the now famous premium dry gin. This Gin distinguishes itself from the other two by the way of its packaging. Ehinger very passionately displayed his craftsmanship with the infusion of engine flavoured spirit in a bottle of Gin.

He upped the ante of the aesthetics by wrapping the bottles in waxed paper processed with an original Heidelberg crucible printing press from 1931. The packaging paper has a hand stamped seal that resembles the original packaging of the used motorcycle parts in the 30’s.

The Archeologist.
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Each wrapping paper used on the three bottles had their individual story of how they were sourced. Craftsmanship is exuding in the selection of rustic Luxor inks and colours on the cardboards to go with the Harley Davidson vibe. It artistically documents the details of origin and the legacy of the part and is finished off with a riveted hand tag that boasts the unique serial number of the engine part that is preserved in the bottle. It is a collector’s haven that embodies old world history and charm.

‘The Archaeologist’ by Ehinger Kraftrad is a beautiful combination of history, techniques, charm, authenticity, taste and respect to the motor cycle engine parts. This Gin can be obtained in the Ehinger Kraftyard shop, online and other exclusive places where it is served and should cost you a cool € 1,100 (plus shipping).

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Do not miss the rarity that is bottled in this piece of art. Go ahead and grab the art before it is too late. Treat yourself by satiating that ravenous hunger for motorcycle and dry Gin!


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