Carrying over from the Thunderbird, they also get new color schemes and swingarm.

Be it that or the competition breathing fire down their neck, the Chennai based brand is adding more stuff to their best selling range of motorcycles, the Classic 350 and 500. What should have been updated along with the BS-IV and AHO editions, will see the limelight soon now.

The Classic range is set up to get the long due rear disc brakes on them that will increase braking power and safety by a huge margin. Apart from this, the bikes will see new swingarm and new colour options increasing their appeal even further.

Royal Enfield goes to the Land of Tomorrow.
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Elsewhere in the world, where Enfield sells these bikes, they come equipped with rear disc units along with ABS for quite some time now. And now, they make way into the Indian line-up as well. Unfortunately, as we all had hoped, the post-British automaker has not included ABS in any of its models unlike the ones sold in the UK.

Taken over by the Thunderbird model, the Classis range will get new sets of swingarms that will replace the ones used on the single downtube frame currently. The new rear disc brake units are also being carried over from the Thunderbird model.

Royal Enfield has heard us. The Classic models are getting updated with rear disc brakes.
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The shift from 153 mm drum brakes to 240mm rear disc units will improve braking performance and rider confidence on the road. of course, adding ABS would have been sensible, but RE thinks otherwise.

The Classic 350 model is seen with Gun Grey colour edition with the dark tan saddle from the Classic Chrome model. The Classic 500, on the other hand, gets an all-black theme called ’Stealth Black’ that darks out everything from the wheels, headlamp housing, handlebar, exhaust units, fenders, utility box and even the engine.

Royal Enfield has heard us. The Classic models are getting updated with rear disc brakes.
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This will now leave the Bullet model alone without the rear disc units at the end of 2017. And for 2018 at least, we will probably see the inclusion of ABS in the entire range of RE motorcycles.

Although none of this has been made official by Royal Enfield, the images give away this contrary story. We will have to wait for them to release an official launch announcement and pricing variances for the same. We still cross our fingers in the hope that they will surprise us with ABS models.

2015 Royal Enfield Classic 350 High Quality
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The Classic 350 model will still be powered by the same 346cc fuel injected engine that puts out 19.8 bhp of power and 28 Nm of torque. The bike is priced at ₹ 1.24 lakh and should see an increase of ₹ 4000-5000 on the updated model.

The Classic 500 also doesn’t see any mechanical changes and will run on a 499cc fuel injected engine that puts out 27.2 bhp of power and 41.3 Nm of torque. Currently, the bike is priced at ₹ 1.42 lakhs and expect a raiser of ₹ 4000-5000 raise on the said update.

2015 Royal Enfield Classic 500 High Quality
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This development will please the new wave of customers for the coming years and help Royal Enfield’s sale shoot to the stratosphere. Whatever it is, we will now see a lot of roads get dapper with à la mode

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