The Beemer is yet to hit our roads. But this has not stopped the artist in him.

TVS is already producing a single cylinder G 310R for BMW Motorrad in their Hosur plant. This is no new news that BMW teamed up with TVS Motors in a Euro 20 million partnership to support them with the manufacturing and distribution of smaller capacity motorcycles, starting with the G 310R

An Italian artist who goes by the name Oberdan Bezzi, also famously called as OBIBOI, has sketched some impressive looking concepts which might be expected from the BMW Motorrad stable in the future.

2017 BMW G310 R Exterior Wallpapers
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The G310R is manufactured for the world market, and it does the job of pleasing everyone rather naturally. For the BMW good looks unmistakably run in the family and this G 310R takes the genes of the S 1000 R. Although the bike is out of testing and production, BMW is still hesitant to launch the bike in our markets due to reasons not made official. BMW was touted to launch this motorcycle here this month, but they have postponed it by at least a couple more.

There could be more than just one reason for this. nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped the artists from going berserk with their imaginations. Running them wild is all they know and no one does it better than OBIBOI.

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Bmw Classic Racer Concept BMW G 310 R

This rendering takes on cues from BMW’s iconic 1200 Nine-T Racer model which is already a thing of beauty. The retro classic livery all comes alive with the bikini fairings slapped around the headlamp unit, seat hump on the rear seat carrying a cowl and the vintage BMW Motorsport paint scheme.

The contemporary urban styling cues are boldly shown with those clean looking lines and minimal bodywork designed keeping in mind the voguish attitude it needs to carry. It combines the old world charm with many modern world design bits along with changes made to the tank design, underbelly and side body panels.

OBIBOI is here again, and this time its a BMW G 310 R spin-off to a Classic Racer Concept. Spyshot
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Powering it will be the same all-new 313cc backward-tilted, four-stroke, single cylinder, water-cooled engine paired to a 6-speed gearbox used on the G 310 R. This engine will deliver 34 bhp at 9,500 rpm, with a 10,500 rpm limiter, and a stated maximum torque of 28 NM at 7,500 rpm. Clutch action is light but misses out on a slipper clutch. Euro 4-compliant catalyst whispers rather than booms.

With a spontaneous throttle response, lively pulling power, full-blooded engine characteristics and a high maximum engine speed of 10500 rpm, this will deliver a dynamic riding performance figures for excellent riding fun within its class. The proven chassis and mechanical components like the suspension and braking units will be borrowed from the G310 R.

2017 BMW G310 R Exterior Wallpapers
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Although we are yet to see the daylights of the new baby Beemer, we are for sure about the company’s foray into the country seeing many other models like this BMW Classic Racer concept seen here.

To see more of OBIBOI’s work, check out his blog.

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