It is a dream for many to travel the country from its South to North by road

India is a vast country, which possess many beautiful terrains. In short it is a paradise for travelers who seek to see the diversity of nature, culture, people and many more aspects. Many travelers who love to travel by road seek to travel the country from its southern point to the northern region. In that case motorists chose to travel from Kanyakumari to the Ladakh. While making a journey through this vast amount of roads is not an easy task some people do it without much hassle and very passionately as well. Here is a guy who travelled Kanyakumari to Khardung La, the former being the southern tip of India, and the Khardung La is claimed to be the highest motorable pass in the world. Take a look at the video, this guy recorded. While many people choose to drive or ride through these roads in a group, he has done it solo on his Honda CBR. Here is an interesting fact, while many travelers love to take a Royal Enfield for such a journey, he managed it on his CBR only.

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