Cruisers are only second to faired sportsbikes, when it comes to popularity and acceptance in the Indian two wheeler market. The success which Royal Enfield has gained in the recent past has encouraged other manufacturers to sit back and think about this very segment of cruisers with utmost importance and attention.

In the recent times, the cruiser segment has seen a lot of action not only in the high end premium superbike category, but also in the middleweight segments as well. A number of cruisers have been launched from various global players, which have an engine configuration in the range of 500-800cc. Some are even in their way and will soon make their appearance in the Indian market. The segment of middle weight motorcycles is perhaps the widest – starting from the 500cc Royal Enfields at a price of almost Rs.1.5 lakh, and extending all the way up to 883cc Harley Davidsons priced at a touch above Rs. 9.5 lakh.

Here’s a list of all the ten most prominent cruisers, which have been glorifying the middleweight segment of motorcycles in the Indian two wheeler market:-

1. Hyosung ST7

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Termed as a pioneer of the middleweight cruisers in the country, the Hyosung ST7 was the first ever big cruiser to make its way into the Indian two wheeler market, much before the advent of even liter class cruisers. In its first ever avatar, it instantly initiated for a craze in the Indian market, despite the fact that Hyosung was not too significant name at that time.

The biggest advantage which the Hyosung ST7 had in its armour is its sheer size. The overall dimensions of the ST7 mimic that of the much bigger bikes above its class, which give it a true big bike stance. Adding to it, the chrome touches throughout the silhouette of the bike as well as the presence of dual exhaust pipes give it the bling factor which people usually associate with a bike of this class.

The Hyosung ST7 was also one of the very first motorcycles to feature inverted front hydraulic forks and a V-twin engine. In its current version, the Hyosung ST7 is powered by a four stroke, liquid cooled, V-twin, 678.2cc engine, which pumps out 57.66 bhp of power and 57 Nm of torque. The power is channeled to the rear wheel via a belt drive, which was a kind of novelty when the bike debuted in the Indian market. The Hyosung ST7 may not be a synonymous name in the Indian motorcycling scenario in today’s time, but the bike featured many industry firsts which makes it an unforgettable name in the history. Currently, the Hyosung ST7 is available at a price of Rs. 6.27 lakh.

2. Hyosung Aquila Pro

Feature – Ten middleweight cruisers available in India
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Another Hyosung cruiser to make a significant mark in the Indian two wheeler market is the Aquila Pro. Technically termed as GV650, the Aquila Pro came at a time when Harley Davidson was beginning its innings in the Indian market. The Aquila Pro was pitted against the entry level models of Harley Davidson, a competition which it still indulges in.

As compared to the big and bulky ST7, the Aquila Pro looks more sleek and curvy, but has a road presence of a middleweight motorcycle. The appropriate blend of blackened and chromed components make it look contemporary from every angle. It is the low slung styling of the Aquila Pro, which has made Hyosung to successfully differentiate it from the ST7.

Although the Aquila Pro is positioned below the ST7 in the lineup of Hyosung in India, the former comes with a more powerful and modern engine. The Aquila Pro comes bolstered with a four stroke, liquid cooled, V-twin, 647cc engine, which churns out 74 bhp of power and 62.1 Nm of torque. Though there are some weird touches in the bike, like the small and dated fully digital instrument console. The bike also comes with better mechanicals over the ST7, like fatter front forks and dual disc brakes at front. Hyosung has priced the Aquila Pro at a very tempting price of 5.63 lakh, which is good enough for a bike of this size.

3. Harley Davidson Street 750

2014 Harley Davidson Street 750
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Perhaps the most important motorcycle in the entire lineup of Harley Davidson, the Street 750 is credited to be the game changer for the parent American brand in the Indian two wheeler market. Being the most affordable model in the portfolio of Harley Davidson in India, there are no surprises that the Street 750 is the highest selling motorcycle for the brand in India.

The Street 750 is built upon the Revolution-X platform – a completely new platform for Harley Davidson in the last fifteen years. The complete blacked out styling, named as Dark Custom styling, gives the Street 750 a premium feel which one would expect from a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Though there are some rough edges which make the overall build quality of the Street 750 fall a bit short of other premium motorcycles in its stable.

As said above, the Harley Davidson Street 750 is powered by an all new Revolution-X powertrain. The four stroke, liquid cooled, V-twin, 749cc engine, which produces 47 bhp of power and 59 Nm of torque. The engine is quite smooth and refined, but misses out on the typical trademark exhaust note reminiscent of other Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The Street 750 is specially designed for the emerging markets like India, which is why the company has been able to position it aggressively in the Indian market. The motorcycle is available at just Rs. 4.52 lakh, which is quite astonishing for a 750cc middleweight cruiser.

4. Harley Davidson Superlow

2015 Harley Davidson Superlow High Quality
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The Superlow was one of the very first motorcycles from Harley Davidson for the Indian market, and was positioned as a range starter for the brand here in India. The motorcycle was introduced with the intention of attracting more and more prospective customers towards Harley Davidson, a global brand which is highly reckoned in the Indian context as well for its range of leisure motorcycles.

As the name suggests, the Harley Davidson Superlow is a low slung motorcycle, which has a true cruiser stance in its low seating posture and chromed parts. This cruiser-cum-roadster comes with a simple design, with the presence of alloy wheels as standard making it look contemporary. The motorcycle may not boast of a long list of standout features, but boasts of high quality fit and finish, which justifies its premium appeal and a true Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The Superlow is powered by a four stroke, air cooled, V-twin, 883cc engine, which produces 69 Nm of torque. The walnut style fuel tank and low seat height gives it a low slung styling, which is usually not found in motorcycles of this segment.

Before the advent of the Street 750, the Superlow was the most affordable model in the lineup of Harley Davidson in India. Even today, the motorcycle is priced at Rs. 6.32 lakh, and is a very good option for all those traditional Harley Davidson fans who find the Street 750 less premium and built-to-cost for their taste.

5. Harley Davidson Iron 883

2013 Harley Davidson Iron 883
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The Iron 883 is only second to the super affordable Street 750, when it comes to the topmost highest selling models for Harley Davidson in India. The roadster styling coupled up with cruiser design cues make the Iron 883 a very distinctive motorcycle on the Indian roads.

There are several bits on the Iron 883 which make it a standout motorcycle – the stop turn tail lights, blacked out design, classic peanut fuel tank, drag-style handlebar, machine gun type dual exhaust pipes and diamond finish alloy wheels make it look a really cool machine.

The Iron 883 is not all looks, but has substance under the skin as well. The motorcycle shares its four stroke, air cooled, V-twin, 883cc engine with the Superlow, with the same torque output of 69Nm on tap. The 883cc engine does make it quite a powerful motorcycle. The other mechanicals like the disc brakes and Michelin Scorcher tyres too make it a premium and desirable big bike.

Just like other Sportster models in the lineup of Harley Davidson, the Iron 883 is quite an affordable motorcycle, with the bike priced at Rs. 7.22 lakh, the Iron 883 is another one such option who want a premium and stand-out motorcycle from the brand of Harley Davidson.

6. Harley Davidson Forty Eight

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If the word ‘badass’ has to be coined in the perspective of motorcycles, it has to be the Harley Davidson Forty Eight, which gains the top spot in this list of middleweight cruisers. A pure bad boy in this category of motorcycles, the Harley Davidson Forty Eight surely manages to score some distinctive brownie points just for its distinctive old school appeal.

Designed on the lines of the Iron 883, the Forty Eight too has the same silhouette as the latter, but a couple of distinctive features differentiate both the motorcycle. The fat front wheel, slammed handlebar with under mount rear view mirrors, clean rear end styling with stop turn tail lights, classic peanut fuel tank and spoke wheels give it a much more meaner look when compared to other Sportster models of Harley Davidson.

When it comes to performance, there is nothing to differentiate between Forty Eight and Iron 883, as the former shares its four stroke, air cooled, V-twin, 883cc engine with the latter – with the same peak power output at 69 Nm. The Harley Davidson Forty Eight bears a price tag of Rs. 8.82 lakh.

7. Harley Davidson Street Bob

2015 Harley Davidson Street Bob High Quality
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The Street Bob is your ticket to step over the smaller 883cc Harley Davidsons and enter into the territory of the bigger 1500cc+ motorcycles from the brand. Both aesthetically and mechanically, the Street Bob is much larger than the aforementioned Harley Davidsons, but its attractive pricing makes sure that it belongs to this list.

The Harley Davidson Street Bob has some really cool design cues, such as super committed low slung seating posture with high set mini ape-hanger handlebars, stop turn tail lights and blacked out styling with chrome exhaust pipes and spoke wheels. The motorcycle also comes with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Harley Davidson’s trademark smart security system, which have been given a miss in the entry level Harley Davidsons.

The Street Bob is powered by a four stroke, air cooled, V-twin, 1585cc engine, which puts up a humongous torque output of 124 Nm. This large engine configuration clearly signals that the Street Bob is no middleweight motorcycle by any standards, but the tempting price point of Rs. 10.37 lakh makes sure that one can buy a much bigger motorcycle without shelling out a fortune over other middleweight motorcycles.

8. Suzuki Intruder M800

2015 Suzuki Intruder M800 High Quality
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Bored with the Americans above? Want the clinical Japanese feel? If yes, then the Suzuki Intruder M800 may be just the right answer you are looking for. The Intruder M800 is the answer of prayers of all those motorcycle enthusiasts, for whom the ultra big Intruder M1800R is too out of reach, both in terms of sheer size and price.
Being a scaled down version of the Intruder M1800R, the Intruder M800 looks exactly the same as its bigger cousin, save for some design tweaks to the headlamp unit and the rear end styling. The chrome touches to engine, rear view mirrors and dual exhaust pipes, three spoke alloy wheels, stretched back handlebars and inverted triangular LED tail lamp all make the Intruder M800 a high quality premium cruiser.

The clinical feel of the Intruder M800 can be sensed in its four stroke, liquid cooled, V-twin, 805cc engine, which is not too loud and attention grabbers like its rivals from Harley Davidson. This engine is healthy enough to put up 50 bhp of power and 69 Nm of torque. Suzuki has priced the motorcycle at Rs. 9.5 lakh, and is a sure treat for all those who want a Japanes cruiser, or to be specific, a scaled down Intruder M1800R at a comparatively competitive price point.

9. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

2015 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 High Quality
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The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 is at the extreme lower end of all the high end premium motorcycles from other international brands. Being under the mark of 2-lakh, it is the technical specifications of the Thunderbird 500 which make it a valid middle weight motorcycle.

The current generation Thunderbird 500 is a huge improvement over the previous generation 500cc+ models from Royal Enfield, and comes with a long list of features such as projector headlamp, disc brakes at both front and rear. Part digital instrument console, LED tail lamp and pillion backrest, which make it a much more premium and value for money motorcycle at the same time.

The Royal Enfield Thunderbid 500 comes powered with a four stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, 499cc engine, which develops 27.2 bhp of power and 41.2 Nm of torque. Though it is nowhere near to the bigger V-twins mentioned above, but still the torque is enough to make this motorcycle deserving enough to be on this list. The Thunderbird 500 is available at just Rs. 1.53 lakh, which is quite a spectacular value for money proposition.

10. Royal Enfield Classic 500

2015 Royal Enfield Classic 500 High Quality
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The Classic 500 is purely for only those traditional Royal Enfield purists who want the old school charm and aura of Royal Enfields of bygone eras still intact in a contemporary motorcycle. Thankfully, there are a number of such purists in the country, which is why the popularity of the Classic 500 is growing from time to time.

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks exactly like the Classic 350, which itself is designed on the lines of the previous generation Bullets. The traditional Royal Enfield silhouette now has become a bit more modern with fresh design changes and equipment add-ons, making this motorcycle belonging to today’s day and age.

The Classic 500 shares its four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 499cc engine with the Thunderbird 500, and makes the same 27.2 bhp of power and 41.3 Nm of torque as the latter. At Rs. 1.42 lakh, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 may lack in the premium appeal of other V-twin motorcycles mentioned in this list, but what it does possesses in abundance is a heritage appeal and functionality of a middleweight cruiser.

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