Royal Enfields are the favourite motorcycle for the riders in the Himalayan cold desert region

The cold desert region of the Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most favourite places motorcycle riders and adventure lovers want to go at least once in a lifetime. It is often seen that friends, motorcycle rider groups visit the region in a pack. Sometime it is seen people go solo even. But father and son taking the mighty region, is not a common sight.

Here a father and his son, both took the mighty roads of the region to the world’s highest motorable roads on their Royal Enfields. No wonder Royal Enfields are the most favourite motorcycles for the riders in the region for their supreme reliability, comfortability on offer and riding quality. Royal Enfields can be rented from Delhi, Amritsar or even Manali, which is the closest town from the Ladakh region. You just have to submit your riding license to the rental agency and deposit a security amount. The rental service costs around INR. 1500 per day.

Take a look at the video where the father and his son captured the journey through their lenses.

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