Check 5 friends covering 4800 kilometers in 16 days

India might not be the paradise for drivers as we know the roads in the country is not in pristine conditions everywhere. More over the Indian roads are very congested. Even on highways in the country driving needs special skill at times. But there is absolutely no doubt that the country has some amazing roads to drive through. Be it the Himalayan terrain in north, be it the roads wrapping the southern hilly region of the country, be it the north east roads wrapped in cloud or the asphalt strips through the desert in the western India.

Here is a video, which shows five motorcyclists took a ride through the roads of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They covered around 4800 kilometers in 16 days. The places they visit in these 16 days include Rann of Kutch, Thar desert and many forts scattered in Rajasthan. Many of us dream of such journeys. Here is the video for you. Take a look.

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