This article is all about the self-spirit this grandpa has. Here in India, it is just not possible for old folks to commute, especially in the metros. The chaos and pollution are alone enough to tire them up.

But it’s an all-together different case in the European countries where the traffic is minimal, roads and the air are clean and not filled with potholes. And surprisingly people from all age group ride and drive in those countries. That said, not often will you find a three digit aged person riding or driving.

Can this 101 year old grandpa pass the riding assessment?
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Here is Jock Stares who has just celebrated his century old birthday and has come to the riding assessment centre in the Welsh Valley, UK. He hates when people tell him to stop riding because they fear that he will be a problem for others on the road. But then again, he believes to be considerate to think about what other people needs and has decided to take an official riding assessment to see for himself.

Taking his assessment is a 28-year-old officer who says that he has never taken an assessment for a person as old as Jock. He completely understands the situation and does not wants to judge anyone before seeing for himself. And so, both go on for a short assessment ride.

Can this 101 year old grandpa pass the riding assessment?
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How well do you think Jock impressed the officer? Not that well I suppose:

Jock, while on his assessment test, left his indicator on for quite a while, even after the officer informed about it. He ended up stopping right at the sign that said "Keep Clear" where one is supposed to not proceed until the area after this on the road is clear. Then, there were these humps on the road where Jock did not even slow down or ride around them.

Nonetheless, Jock showed a free spirited attitude towards riding and the results were pretty impressive considering his age.

Can this 101 year old grandpa pass the riding assessment?
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This was broadcasted on an ITV documentary and the 28-year-old instructor eventually cleared Jock, telling him “Yes, you’re riding is up to a good standard but, like I said, there’s that room for improvement with regards to the observations.”

Sagar Patil
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