Codenamed “Urbanite", the company is planning to build a hot of EVs by 2020.

The Pune based manufacturer has been in the news for a lot of reasons, and most often than not, it is a good one. With the latest being the eyebrow-raiser Triumph-Bajaj global partnership, Bajaj is making the right moves to get ahead of the competition soon enough.

Now, fresh information from the industry sources is pointing out at the firm’s newfound love for alternative fuel powered vehicles, most probably being electric. Coined as "Urbanite", the new project will aim at developing upmarket products in the electric vehicle segment.

Bajaj is ploughing the field for the electric boom.
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Bajaj is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer based in India. We all know how well KTM has partnered with Bajaj to handle most of the Austrian brand’s operation now, including manufacturing all the KTM bikes at its Chakan facility in Pune and selling them all over the globe. Bajaj-KTM has also now secured a similar takeout with the Husqvarna brand because of KTM’s acquisition of the Husky in 2013.

Then in 2017, the brand opened up a new chapter of possibilities when an alliance was formed with the British legendary motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, to capitalize on each other’s offerings in their respective operations.

Bajaj is ploughing the field for the electric boom.
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Since then, the industry is abuzz with enumerating the possible outcomes this alliance will and can have within the automotive sector. Being one of these, or as an entirely standalone project, Bajaj has confirmed working towards creating a niche business in the electric vehicle market as we speak.

To be what the Tesla is for the four wheeled world, Bajaj via "Urbanite" aims at building high-end chic products that will continue to resonate the company’s MD, Rajiv Bajaj’s game plan of not specifically catering to the volume business.

Bajaj is ploughing the field for the electric boom.
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These speculated electric two wheelers will not be any similar to the ones currently sold by Hero MotorCorp. Instead, will be made with all bells and whistles for the niche up-market segment. What this means is, we will seldom see an electric commuter motorcycle from Bajaj (don’t even think of an electric scooter); rather will get the Dominar range or similar outfits fitted with electric power source rather than liquefied dinosaurs.

Although nothing can be said with certainty, Bajaj aims to launch both two and three wheeled electric vehicles before the beginning of the next decade. We also cannot be sure on if the brand aims only to develop electric powertrains or also an entirely new range of motorcycles running on an electric source.

Bajaj is ploughing the field for the electric boom.
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Clearly, Bajaj is making a strong statement here and is confident about missing the party in the commuter or scooter segments of 100cc-125cc. With brands like KTM, Triumph and Husqvarna under its umbrella, Bajaj Auto is on a path to become a niche brand since Bajaj will have its hand into making motorcycles for the entire range of capacities including electric vehicles now.

Sub 250cc, Bajaj itself takes up all operations, KTM and Husqvarna will cater to the 250cc – 400cc category and Triumph will swoop in for the 400cc – 800cc segment of motorcycles. And "Urbanite" catering to the electric vehicle market.

It is not just Bajaj that is interested in the electric segment, Honda with Hitachi and Hero with Bosch are moving to establish themselves strongly in the segment that will fill the country streets with the inevitable alternative fuelled vehicles.

Source: Livemint

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