Fashion and style statement has always run in the blood of Milan, Italy since centuries. And for Lambretta, this statement held on since World War II, the time it was born. It was solely manufactured in Italy and licensed to be made in other countries until 1972. Post that, it was then bought by the Indian government and it was made in India until 1997.

Now, for the first time in the 21st century, The Lambretta Consortium has re-launched the “Lambretta V-Special” Model. The model is designed by an Austrian firm knows as KISKA who also happen to design the latest iterations of the KTM motorcycles as well as the Husqvarna street models. The V-Special is available in three types – V50, V125 and V200.


In 1922, Innocenti envisioned the Lambretta brand while his steel-tubing factory was brought down to the ground due to World Wa II. The reason Lambretta was born was to feed the lower class of people an efficient mode of transport post-World War II. But, unfortunately, due to lack of foresight of BLMC (British Leyland Motor Corporation, the company that took over Innocenti’s hold over Lambretta), Lambretta closed shop in 1972.

Just for the same reasons, the Indian government bought the factory here to provide for those who could economically not be ready for small private cars yet. It started manufacturing in the 50s’, which changed hands with Scooters India Ltd. (SIL) in 1972. SIL produced around 35,000 scooters in 1980-81. However, by 1987 this had dropped to around 4,500 units with production finally ceasing in 1997.


The Lambretta Consortium has just celebrated the company’s 70th anniversary, and for the occasion, have released three new models of the iconic scooter company and have christened it as the V-Special editions. They are everything hip and modern and still carries the old-world charm with the subtle overall silhouette.

Talking about the scooter itself, the Lambretta V-Special represents the new chapter in an incredible story of beauty, enthusiasm, diligence and sensitivity. People love Lambys or simply hate their classic vintage looks. But this Special edition is here to turn everyone into falling in love with this work of art. “La vita e bella” – life is beautiful.


Quite simply, elegance is a virtue that eludes most people and this Lamby carries it with silky clear cut flair. It carries a tale of the scooter’s evolving styling cues, of its role in contemporary society, and of the creation of new lines that have taken the original design to new levels of elegance.

They are powered by a carburetted 49.5cc up to a fuel-injected 169cc that makes from 3.h bhp to 12 bhp of power.The V50 gets a rear drum brake, but both the 125 and 200 get disc brakes at both ends. The engines are Euro 4 compliant and get fuel-injection and CVT gearboxes.


The entire range of the scooter gets LED lightings, 12V charger, integrated glove box unit and the LCD instrumentation comes with Bluetooth technology for your smartphone connectivity.

We have no word yet on its availability in the states and pricing. The launch is slated to happen sometime later this year in Europe. The Lambretta name is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and is currently gunning to get lifted up once again by the father company, Innocenti.