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Kawasaki KX

Kawasaki KX

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    Kawasaki KX
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    99 cc
  • Top Speed:
    75 mph (Est.)
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    INR 468000
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2016 Kawasaki KX100

A motocross bike built for the rising stars

The greats of the motorcycle world have always had in in their stride since the very beginning of their life. You look at every legendary figure of the motorsports world, one thing they have in common is their passion for things on two wheels from a very young age, some even when they have just begun to walk and talk.

Pushing kids to a motorsport world is at a nascent stage in India. Although it is widening its horizon, giving them the right tool to do so was difficult. Enter the Green Team from Japan.

Along with launching their KX 250F, Kawasaki has also introducing their smaller guy, the KX100 dirt motorcycle. Kawasaki has officially enter the Indian Motocross scene in a big way by offering two of their renowned machines that has dominated the Motocross world across the globe.

They did however served the KLX110 in India for a year, powered by an 112cc single-cylinder and priced at ₹ 2.65 lakh. The KX100 will continue to widen this segment and get in a much lighter bike with a more sophisticated engine, better suspension and braking units to go the full throttle way for the young stars interested in dirt riding and want to make a career out of it. An ideal learning curve en-route to the big bikes. In return Kawasaki has relied on its aspiring young stars to provide input to help develop winning products.

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Despite its smaller size, the powerful 99cc two-stroke engine shares the ‘big bike’ silhouette. Let’s face it, nobody buys a motocross motorbike for the way it looks or for the way it is designed. But, not many people know that for a fact, the slimmer shrouds and minimalistic bodywork keeps the motorcycle at the top of its game.

The 2017 model features slimmer shrouds and is a result of revised radiators and their new orientation. You get a flatter everything including fuel tank and the seat with reinforced ribs. This combination of the new tank and seat aid in a more seamless design, which also makes it easy for riders to move around on top of the bike. Overall, the look of the bike is similar to the elder brother, the 250F.

It looks as quick as it goes. It gets a fresh and new fuel tank with lower cap, panels and slender radiator covers. Making the motorcycle look even more compact is the aggressive new bodywork that features front and rear fenders, number plate and new angular front fender fork guards all falling in line together.

Also creating a distinctive Kawasaki identity are black alumite coating on the excel rims, black fork guards, and Kawasaki’s trademark green highlights.

Overall Dimension

Length 1920mm
Width 765mm
Height 1151mm
Wheelbase 1311mm
Seat height 871mm
Wet weight 77kg


You wouldn’t find a more sophisticated 2 stroke engine than the one running on this KX100. This machine runs on a high-performance liquid-cooled, 99cc 2-stroke, single cylinder engine. It has an over square setup, meaning that the cylinder bore (width) is greater than the stroke (length), making it more powerful than other similar displacement motorcycles with a smaller bore.

It features a piston with single-ring design and Nikasil-coated cylinder for minimizing friction between the piston and the cylinder wall thereby increasing efficiency. A two-piece KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System) varies exhaust-port height for increased horsepower and torque at all rpm. This contributes to a powerful and durable engine that delivers broad and responsive power especially amplifying the low end torque significantly.

Large right-side cutout airbox improves airflow for increased power and the 28 mm Keihin PWK carburettor gets modern jetting specs for an enhanced fuel atomization, providing quicker throttle response and a smoother power delivery.

All new radiator displaces 52%more cooling thereby enhancing the engine life and decrease the possibility of overheating during excessive use. The exhaust unit features a large-diameter O-ring for improved durability and boasts an aluminium silencer like its elder siblings.

The power is transmitted through a six-speed positive shifting transmission and large 91mm clutch plates to the rear via chain drive. Clutch-release lever ratio is designed for light clutch lever action.

Engine Specification

Capacity cc 99
Bore/ Stroke mm 52.5/45.8
Output 15bhp (Est)
Torque 17Nm (Est)
Type Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder, piston reed valve
Valves per cylinder 2
Clutch type Wet- Multiplate
Transmission 6-speed, return shift


The rider gets good movements around the saddle because of the slim radiator shrouds and side panels. The flat saddle has a seamless seat cover with material that grips wells and provides comfort and makes it easier to shift weight. Seat height of 871 mm suits wide range of growing inseams. Six-position adjustable handlebar mount helps tailor ergonomics for a wide range of riders, two handlebar clamp positions and three handlebar riser position that can give you 10 mm of adjustments.

The motorcycle features a high tensile steel frame tubes having reinforcements in key areas to manage weight shifts. Wide steel footpegs add the required control and strength to ride and hit any tracks and terrain.

Suspension units are beefed up from the KLX110. The front get KYB 36mm inverted cartridge fork which have shim-type valves to provide precise damping control. The rigid forks give for a superior steering response and control. The 20 way adjustable compression damping offer superior bottoming resistance. At the rear, you get Uni-Trak unit with KYB reservoir shock connected to a large cross section beam swingarm for that improved rigidity and control. Shock is fully adjustable with 24-way compression and 21-way rebound damping, plus stepless spring preload.

Aluminium wheels on this starter package are coated with black alumite that offers factory look. Mounted on these are petal type brake rotors, 220mm at the front and 184mm at the rear, providing a strong stopping power. Forged-aluminium rear brake pedal is strong, lightweight and features two seals at the pivot for smooth operation and increased durability. Dunlop Geomax MX51 tyres provide optimum grip for a wide range of riding conditions.

Chassis Specifications

Suspension / Front 36mm inverted telescopic cartridge fork
Suspension / Rear Uni-Trak single shock system
Brakes / Front Single Petal 220 mm disc. Calliper: Dual piston
Brakes / Rear Single Petal 184 mm disc. Calliper: Dual piston
Tyres / Front 70/100-19
Tyres / Rear 90/100-16


Since this KX will be bought to our shores through the Completely Built Unit (CBU) route, it will be a steep ₹4.68 lakh. At this price, this machine holds the record for the most expensive two-stroke motorcycle in the world. It will be provided with the Lime Green colour only.

Accessories can also be purchased to level up the motorcycle’s capabilities. They include lever assemblies, oil filler plugs, RK MXZ green racing chain, competition jacket and apparels.


There is no motorcycle in the country that offers this much within the 2 stroke category. Ofcourse, one could import many dirt bikes but if you are looking at an authenticity, nothing gets close to this KX100.

Accessories can also be purchased to level up the motorcycle’s capabilities. They include lever assemblies, oil filler plugs, RK MXZ green racing chain, competition jacket and apparels.


Entering a country where motocross is just a sport taken up by very few people compared to the mass, it is a gamble played by Kawasaki. And the fact that it is going to cost a bomb will shy away people even thinking of giving it a try. Hence, it is only safe to say that with this, Kawasaki will only cater to the professional few and to adventure groups running motocross activities.

This KX100 is a natural step taken by young stars world over before going onto the big guys like the K250F and the KX650 series. It defines a “big bike in a small package” attitude infused with fierce power, razor sharp handling, and factory-race inspired styling on the top step of the podium. It is designed mainly keeping in mind of the choice for entry-level motocross racers determined to follow in Kawasaki’s championship proven footsteps.

It should be able to handle anything the young rider can think of abusing this with and it will still have some life leftover. Which means, you could as well keep going generation after generation with this and that way, you can recoup for the price you payed for this too.

Kawasaki’s industry-leading support program was founded in 1981 with the emergence of “Team Green,” which has played an instrumental role in helping many of the motocross/supercross stars reach the pinnacle of the sport. Amateur racers who purchase this Kawasaki KX100 motocross bike can gain access to the same support received by multi-time supercross champions Ryan Villopoto and Jeremy McGrath. All this is a good deal of bargain if you are serious about the sport and want to feature as India’s finest.

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