Which motorcycle do you think has the finest looking face?

Let’s leave the custom builds out of this because, honestly speaking, they wouldn’t have existed if they failed to give a motorcycle a deserving face. But then again, why do any manufacturer for that matter exist if they too fail to give a motorcycle a well-looking face? First, looks are purely subjective. Here, you might find a few...

2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

“Evil” is a complex thing. Sometimes evil is justified, and this is one of those times where Evil is all you want to be riding on a personified saga on a veil. is lifting itself to the pinnacle for 2018 and for its second instalment (the first being the ), the Polaris owned manufacturer has launched the 2018...

2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

It is basically all possible "adjectives" that describes exactly those things. This right here is the cream of the crop of and is heading to raise the bar for comfort, convenience, power, style, infotainment, craftsmanship and most important of all - confidence. It is everything the stood for, and this time, this Elite rises higher with the...

What made a record at the recently concluded El Mirage was history, repeating itself.

There is no apprehension about the fact that Indian Motorcycle doesn't just make luxury yachts on two wheels. This American dream production house also makes racers, trackers and land-speed record breakers. Home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century, it was race week at the El Mirage dry lake bed. Having speed trials there was...

2018 Indian Scout Bobber

When Polaris took over the operations of, they literally revived the brand from the dark shallows of the abyss and created a niche for the brand worldwide. Since then, Indian motorcycles seems to have found its stronghold in India and has been swiftly introducing more products to its existing lineup. For its new instalment on the platform, the...
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