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Feature – 10 bikes which made a comeback with different name

Feature – 10 bikes which made a comeback with different name

Feature – 10 bikes which made a comeback with different name

There are some motorcycles in the Indian market which have went on writing success stories for being pioneers in some aspect or the other. While a majority of these bikes have departed in the history books, some continue to glorify the market even today.

But there exist a class of motorcycles, which after having a successful run in the market, were shown the doors by their manufacturer. But sooner or later, the manufacturer of such bikes realized that those very products still had the potential to give the established players of the market a run for their money. Which is why, these bikes were brought back or relaunched in the Indian market.

But it has to be known that the Indian two wheeler market is not too forgiving like most of the other international markets. Once an image of a product is imprinted on the minds of the consumers here, it is very hard for the companies to revive that image, even if it’s on a positive note, so as to improve it even further. This is the reason why the respective manufacturers took the opportunity of relaunching such bikes with an all new name.

Now this class if bikes usually are the same models which were discontinued by their makers. But in most of the cases, the companies have used the opportunity to ralaunch the bikes with a couple of noticeable changes, apart from a different name. We bring to you a list of ten such bikes, which were discontinued by their parent makers for some reasons, but were brought back in the wake of some amount of customer interest still alive for them. Some of them were hits, while others proved to be duds even after being excellent packages. Here’s the list of those ten bikes.

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