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Which motorcycle do you think has the finest looking face?

Let’s leave the custom builds out of this because, honestly speaking, they wouldn’t have existed if they failed to give a motorcycle a deserving face. But then again, why do any manufacturer for that matter exist if they too fail to give a motorcycle a well-looking face? First, looks are purely subjective. Here, you might find a few...

Mommy said never to play with swapping engines.

An engine swap is done basically if your old engine fails or if you want more horses, efficiency and performance under the hood. Sometimes your vintage two-wheeler cannot find spare parts and is always more expensive to keep it in running order. This swapping of engines in cars are a common practice but rarely do we come across people...

Harley Davidson Street Rod vs Triumph Street Cup vs Ducati Scrambler Café Racer

Ever since its entry into the Indian market, has become a cult name and has carved a niche among all the motorcycle lovers who ride for the pure passion of motorcycling. Within the portfolio of Harley Davidson in India, though all the motorcycles have been accepted with open arms irrespective of their high price tags and few obvious...

Triumph Bonneville Bobber vs Harley Davidson Roadster

The influence both these people have on us is simply a matter of a little sparse, a little spare, and an exercise in understatement. We just love it when we see either of them on our streets, and without a doubt being some of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers, they’ve become the jack of their trades. Both and...

2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod

The craze of the mid-weight naked is becoming more and more alive in the Indian subcontinent, and Harley-Davidson is looking at getting a bigger piece of this market segment too. To try out their luck, the iconic American brand has launched the third member of its Street family. It has more aggressive styling and improved handling above all of...
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