The reason I say that zero units have been sold is because Piaggio declined to release an official figure of the same. Nonetheless, there were rumours about orders and enquiries coming in for the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.

After the Aprilia SRV 850 ABS/ATC (priced at ₹ 15 lakh), this scooter from another Italian maker was the most expensive scooter being on sale in India. It was commissioned by the famous Italian designer, Georgio Armani and was priced at ₹ 12.04 lakh. But now, since the contract between Armani and Piaggio has ended, the scooter is no longer on sale anywhere in the world.


Piaggio introduced this Vespa as they celebrate their 130th anniversary and they teamed up with the legendary fashion guru Giorgio Armani which is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Both these Italian fashion houses created this spectacular classy version of the original 946 and called it the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.

While it obviously wasn’t a volume generating machine for Piaggio, it was a surprise to know rumours running around that people did place some orders for this ₹ 12.04 lakh scooter. It was always about the show. If nothing, this scooter raised the bar for designers and fashionistas across the globe and deserved to become an icon of this generation.

If nothing, it sure did bring in more footfalls into the Motorplex showrooms Vespa was expanding throughout the country.


But now, even if you have that much money as change, you could not buy it since Vespa has taken them off the shelves. This comes to light with the fact that both Piaggio and Armani have come to the end of their contract period. What will happen to the rest of the 946 that went unsold?

A report on Maxabout says “The right reason behind this is the end of contract between Armani and Piaggio, further clearing the fact that it would now be available with existing buyers around the world.”. Though confusing, it may mean that the exquisite scooter might be made available via a few dealers across the world.


The body of this EA edition has been made of sheet metal with aluminium bits like the handlebar, saddle support, side panels and front mudguard. You get a LED headlamp and tail light cluster. The instrument panel houses an LCD.

Quality of the paint, stitching and finish is incomparable. From the first stitch on the handgrips to the final polish, everything really is done by hand. As Giorgio Armani says “The difference between style and fashion is quality”.


To be called as leading edge, it replaces the smoky, anaemic 98cc 2 stroke engine from the original MP6 with a brand new next generation 155cc 4 stroke engine which is clean burning and fuel efficient.

The motor comes with 3 valve electronic ignition with SOHC and port-injection. It is said to churn an impressive 11.7bhp at 8000rpm and a peak torque of 10.3 Nm at 6500 rpm. It predominantly sticks to a centrifugal dry clutch and generic automatic transmission, a continuously varying CVT that is available across most of the scooters in India.