When Ducati rolled out the Diavel prototype for the first time out of the factory in 2010, one person who saw that chiselled rear exclaimed saying “Ignurànt comm’ al Diavel!” in Bolognese dialect. That means “Evil, like the devil!”. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward seven years and the Diavel still manages to rumble on the streets with aplomb and break necks, unlike anything. Now, Ducati has commissioned a Belgian custom builder Fred Krugger, one of planet earth’s highly acclaimed custom builder, to work his magic potion on the XDiavel S. The bike was showcased at the Bikers’ Classics at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, that was held on the first weekend of July 2017.


Fred is not just your next door sheet metal guy. He has, in fact, already won the coveted AMD Custom Bike Building World Championship twice already and is a renowned custom bike builder who has already worked on brand’s like the humble Yamaha SR400 to a BMW K1600 behemoth.

Now, even the Italian production house seems to have become his fans and have entrusted him with the new XDiavel S to create a new imagination and at the same time retain the bike’s ‘power cruiser’ and ‘Ducati DNA’. The result is right in front of you.


You are allowed to think that Fred Krugger has mastered the dark arts and cooked up this mad looking Diavel from a parallel universe. Calling it as The Thiverval, he has managed to coup up this radical looking post-apocalyptic machine that will tear apart any other cruiser down to its soul.

To keep the Diavel’s soul intact, Fred has left the monstrous 1262cc L-twin Testastretta motor in full sight and has retained the rakish-looking full LED headlamp. Other than this, Krugger has left the mechanicals untouched including the transmission, braking units, rubber and suspension setup, except for lowering the forks by 50 millimetres, tilting the stance lower at the front.


Everything else you see on this Diavel is what changes it to become The Thiverval. Having the superstructure completely rebuilt, this black Ducati gets new tank and tail sections that are made out of Inox (stainless) steel and Plexiglas and the tail light unit especially took Fred 8 days to set to perfection. And underneath those spectacular lights, you get another spectacular looking exhaust units with two angular outlets that look like it was picked straight out of an Italian supercar.

Nonetheless, there could be argument wars on the way that rear looks on the whole of the motorcycle. It might just play the spoilsport on an otherwise chiseled handiwork. But that is always a personal opinion.


With a combination of gloss, matt and chrome finishes, The Thiverval edition does capture the same evil nostalgia as the Diavel, but this time it is not a cute one. Rather an outrageous demeanour with a rawness filling everything the bike touches. Of course, the bike had to be dominated with the colour black.

Krugger deliberately hid the trellis frame to have simpler lines all across the motorcycle, and he has managed to keep the top of the motorcycle relatively flat replacing the swooping curves of the original Diavel. He has also provided the rear with a detachable cover for a pillion, and all of this comes around to make this Thiverval look like a projectile of sorts.


The instrument cluster remains untouched, but yes, you get a mark of Krugger’s craftsmanship stamped on a brushed metal plate above the panel. Amongst all this simple commotion, Krugger has given his creation a touch of sportiness by replacing the standard pullback bars with straight bars and has installed Ducati’s mid-set footpegs to give the rider an intimidating experience.

The level of detailing and fit and finish seen on his masterpiece is nothing short of a perfectionist handiwork. All of it is up to factory levels, and it reminds one of a timeless piece of work that is ready to tear into the future without any baggage. If that rear had a less of that big-fat look, it wouldn’t have ended the world we recon. More of it for you:

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